Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Momma Day Off

You know, they say Mom's don't get a day off, and truly they don't. But John gave me a close to day off yesterday! It was great. He let me sleep in, I slept to a glorious 8:30, but I didn't come downstairs until 9am! Luxury, I tell you. Then I helped get the girls hair brushed and he whisked them off to the park for the morning. The whole crew came home at lunch time and as I was about to start making some lunches I noticed him coming up the walk with a surprise take-out lunch. The afternoon we mostly hung out at the house and the girls went off to play upstairs by themselves for the majority of the afternoon. There were a few spats to help dissolve but mostly there was cooperative play. Now when clean up time came around there was a pretty big tempertantrum. I took off to Home Depot to buy a can of paint for my latest project. I came back home reheated some leftovers and helped the girls pick up before bed. Overall it was a great day and I really, really appreciate everything my hubby did for me and his girls yesterday.

This morning I'm letting him sleep in. I love having him home, but on the otherhand I'm anxious to hear more job leads. I wish we could live in this little happy family bubble indefinitely but unless we win a lotto ticket (that someone gives us, since we never actually go and buy lotto tickets!) John will have to go back to work. Which I'm sure he's ready to do after a month of searching. But I know he's enjoying his family time too. In the meantime I'm enjoying the ebb and flow of our new schedule ever since he's been home.

Since he's sleeping in, I fixed the girls breakfast. They asked for eggs, bacon and applesauce. Easy enough. This morning we had a lesson on what "thaw" means. Since I forgot to put any bacon in the fridge last night I had to quickly thaw some in the microwave. I love when the girls stop to ask what a word means. I completely forget that they are still learning words that I take for granted. They've never been big "why" girls, asking why about everything. (Although I think we've finally entered that stage, because the why's are more frequent now!) So when Maddie asked "what does thaw mean?" We had a bit of a mini-science lesson just before breakfast. Then they each practiced cracking their own eggs and whisking their scrambled eggs up. 

 Izzie and Maddie enjoying their breakfast.

A few days ago, when the girls were playing outside I noticed that they somehow were able to get their tricycles up in their fort! It must have taken a lot of team work. At least they didn't try going down the slide while riding them... something I'm sure I would have tried when I was a kid! (Izzie and Maddie.)

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