Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Clothing Shopping Trip

 Feverish Izzie coloring on the couch.

 Maddie, with a bit more energy... vacuuming the kitchen floor in an attempt to harness that energy!

My poor Izzie has a bit of a fever yesterday and today. It came on pretty suddenly. My mom was playing with both the girls over at her house when I got a text message: "Izzie has been asleep in the middle of the floor for 30 minutes." I replied back with a "really??" That is just not my girl. Sure enough about an hour later she had a temperature. After picking the girls up we had a low key day of watching tv and reading quietly. They both went to bed fairly early and it was a rough night for John. By evening I wasn't feeling well either. I never got a fever but I just felt completely drained of energy.

I ended up going up to bed by 7:45 and I was asleep by 9:30. I woke up feeling refreshed 11 hours later! John, aka superdad, apparently got up with Izzie several times during the night. This morning Izzie was feeling so much better without any sign of fever. I took them out to buy a few new clothes.

They got a growth spurt over the past couple of weeks and suddenly their shirts are all too small. After watching them tug on their t-shirt over and over during storytime because it kept popping up showing their bellies, I decided a shopping trip was in order. For the first time, I took them with me to pick out their own clothes. We went to Kohls and they had a great time trying on clothes in the dressing room for the first time and picking out what they wanted to wear. They got two sun dresses, 2 matching shirts, a pink skirt, a purple skirt and two tunics that they can wear with tights they already have. I wanted to focus mostly on shirts, but they fell in love with the sundresses! As soon as we got home they laid out all their outfits on the floor to show Daddy. They were very proud of their selections. Then they immediately put their sundresses on. Even though it is a cold and rainy day.

But we must have over done it a bit, because this afternoon Izzie went up to her bed and took another nap all on her own. She woke with another fever. So now she's sipping some water and laying on the living room couch. Poor sweety. Oh and Maddie? She's been a cheerful helper this whole time!

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