Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I haven't been too great about keeping with life events on this blog this year, but today was a pretty big one. My mother-in-law got diagnosed with cancer in her kidney about three weeks ago and today was the surgery to have one of her kidneys removed. We talked to the girls about it, because we knew they'd hear us talking about it a bit and I didn't want them to make up something in their heads that was worse than reality. We told them that Grandma had a big boo-boo in her tummy and that the doctors were going to help her go to sleep and while she was sleeping they'd cut a tiny hole in her tummy and fix up the boo-boo. Then Grandma was going to have to stay in the hospital to rest for a few days after the doctors fixed her. They were all okay with this info.

Today they asked a few more questions when they got home. They wanted to know what kind of boo-boo. So I went into a bit more details. We've been talking about organs like our heart, bladder, lungs and stomach. So I told them that there is another organ in the body that is called a kidney and that people have two of them. I told the girls that Grandma got a boo-boo on one of her kidneys and the doctor was going to take it out so she'd just have one left. Maddie is very good at putting things together and immediately asked, "what if she gets a boo-boo on the other kidney?" So I answered as best I could. I told her if that happened, we'd all sit with the doctors and find out the best way to get rid of that boo-boo. She was okay with that answer.

My mom spent the night last night so she could be here with the girls and John and I woke up at 5:30 to head to the hospital. We wanted to be able to give her a hug before she went back. It was a fairly short surgery, but with all the prep and recovery we were waiting for a long time. The staff at the hospital was excellent though giving us constant updates. And there are screens all around the hospital were you can look up the patient number and see what stage of surgery/recovery they are in. That was pretty neat. We finally got to see her after the surgery. The doc's said everything went exactly perfect and that she should recover nicely. They got all of the cancer out which is the best news of the day.

It was a rough day all around. It isn't easy when someone close to you has to go under. And cancer is such a scary word. You never know exactly what it means. I'm just glad that for today, everything went well and my mother-in-law is cancer free. I'm grateful to be part of such a wonderful family. I'm lucky to have a mom who steps in without hesitation to watch the girls so I can be with my husband and his mom. My mom is often the silent background partner so that I can go out and be a contribution in the world. And without the contribution that she is, I couldn't be who I am.

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