Friday, March 23, 2012

Chiropractors in Training

 Daddy's back was hurting this afternoon so the girls were doing some chiropractic training. This is Izzie, full of grins to be walking on her Dad's back!

 Maddie didn't have any qualms at all with "get up on daddy's back and march."

I LOVE this stage of kids art! Izzie is slowly adding details like in the pink princess on the left, now has a dress on. The box thing around her head I wrongly assumed was a castle, but it is actually her hair (the crown is on top of the hair.) Then there is a yellow princess and a brown king. The past few days Maddie has lost her confidence in art saying she is "Math Girl" and Izzie is saying she's "Art Girl." I'm just giving her space and letting her find her way. They used those terms in a Super Hero voice, like it was their Super Hero Names.

It is so much fun to see them piecing things together. For instance, this afternoon I was trying to pry apart two of my homemade chicken nuggets that had frozen together. Maddie said, "You should use a knife mom!" So I got out a butter knife and wedged it between the nuggets. When they popped apart, I told her that was a good idea. She said, "Yes, I just closed my eyes and thought. Then I figured out a knife would help you so I told you that!" She was very proud of herself and I was proud that she was vocalizing her deductive reasoning.


Mandy Emedi said...

That's so cool to "hear" their minds work!

And so much fun to see their artwork progressing.

Our girls seem to draw much better on their magnetic drawing pads than with crayons...I guess it's because the pen glides more smoothly?  Have you noticed that with your girls over time?  Any tips?  Ours still mostly scribble with their crayons, although A has started to practice letters on paper (whereas it had been solely on the drawing pads).

Amanda Dittlinger said...

 At that age, any writing utensil in hand is great. Don't worry about it being crayons or paper. Get out some finger paints too and let them just jump into the art full body if they want. Shaving cream on the table or the wall of the bathtub is great too. My girls did scribbles until just before  4 when circles with smiles started to emerge as people. Even when they are scribbling ask them what they are drawing. Don't be afraid to question what their work is. If they get stuck find SOME recognizable shape, like oh this part looks like a boat or a bear. Then they will start to purposefully start trying to make those shapes later. Also make sure they see you draw. Even if you can't draw well, if they see you do it, they will mimic.

The other thing was helping them break down an object. They wanted to draw their teddy for instance. So I asked them what shape Teddy's head was. They drew a big circle. Then sort of above (not attached) they drew the ears, a long neck, random arms and a face sort of in the right place. Most of the pieces were random on the page but they were very intentional about that THIS is an arm (even if it wasn't attached to the body.) Overtime things tighten up. As you can see above (the pink princess), Izzie is just starting to add bodies. Before it was always a head with arms and legs coming out (like the yellow princess.)

Hope that helps!

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John Marshall said...

Really cute, must have been great fun for this lovely little girl, nice way of teaching new things to young ones.

Joseph Zachary said...

She is very cute but if her foot steps on a wrong place the person laying on the ground can have serious pain, kids are not good at this so they shouldn't be involved, let them do what they should, her drawings will improve by time with a little help of parents.