Sunday, March 4, 2012

Camping in the great outdoors

I'm so far behind I don't know how to get myself caught up on blogging. I have a friend, Misty Urech, that used to blog a lot. She  has all-girl quads that are a little over a year older than Maddie and Izzie. I loved following her blog to see what kinds of things may be in store for me. When her girls turned four she sort of stopped blogging. I figured because she has four kids, that is why she slowed down. But now I see the same thing happening to me. I still want to blog about our goings on, but lately it's getting harder to take the time to do it!

That being said, I'm going to skip ahead and then go back to catch up. Last night I took the girls camping for the first time! We went camping in my Mom's backyard, but we did it in style. We built a fire in a big firepit that we made. Then we pitched a tent right in the backyard. Chris helped me with the tent and Mom helped make the dinner. We made cornbread topped chili in my dutch oven. Then we had the stereotypical s'mores for dessert. John came for some visiting and dinner, but then he headed home since camping isn't really his thing.

The girls looked so cute in their mini camp chairs in "57 layers" of clothing. I told them beforehand we'd have to layer up because it was going to get cold and they told me they would put on 57 layers if it got that cold. We ended up sleeping in two pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, the girls each wore a dress with a shirt over it, I had two shirts and then we all slept in our jackets too. We had a big fat comforter and two additional quilts. It was cold. Cold, cold. cold! The original weather report a few days out said 47 degrees, but the day before it changed to 38. We were so excited that we didn't want to cancel, but boy was it cold! I'm so glad we stuck through it though, because I know the girls had a wonderful time.

At one point just after dinner Izzie got a splinter in her hand. We tried getting it out but it was lodged in there pretty good. Finally we decided to just put some antibiotic cream and a bandage on it and give her a rest from crying. This was also the point where the sun was dipping and the temps were starting to drop. I took the girls into the tent to change them into warmer clothes so we could make s'mores. They were screaming they were so cold (I think that was mostly in their heads, because it was not all that cold at that point.) And Izzie was crying still upset by her splinter. When we emerged from the tent, all bundled up and (finally) happy, Mom asked the girls if they were having fun camping. "YES!" was their immediate answer. Mom looked at me in surprise. With all the ruckus they were going on about in that tent, fun was not what Mom thought they'd say yes to!

Last night, I might have gotten some sleep but I was worried about the girls being too cold. That and there was some sort of crazy party going on at one of the neighbors that went until about 2 am. But I wasn't too worried about lack of sleep because I knew I would be able to turn over the reigns in the morning to John. And sure enough around 7 am after a cumulative of maybe 2.5 hours of sleep, when the girls woke up and they were ready to GO because it was so cold, I threw them in the car, we abandoned camp and went home for a hot bath and some warm food. I told them if it was real camp we'd have to build another fire for our breakfast but this was just practice camp! I gave John a bleary kiss good morning and went back to bed. Thanks so much for that honey!!! :) We came back later in the afternoon to pack up the tent and campsite!

Even though the night was cold we had fun playing with glo-sticks and cuddling to keep warm. It was a grand adventure in a backyard and I'm sure we will all remember for a long time the dancing of the fire, the twinkling of the stars and the silly songs we sang around the campfire.

 The fire
 Izzie and Maddie watching the fire.

 Dinner gets started. Izzie and Maddie were having fun running around and just playing.

 Izzie and Maddie eating dinner. They both said it was good, but then they hardly ate any of it.

 Chili. Then you pour a layer of cornbread on top and bake. Great camping one pot meal!

 Campsite. Maddie and Popo checking out the tent.
 Starting to put up the tent (photos are out of order, obviously....)

Watching the fire dance with Daddy.


IASoupMama said...

Looks like an awesome fun night!  My hubby occasionally camps out with the kids in the backyard -- they always have a blast!

Amanda said...

Nice post