Friday, March 30, 2012

PAMOM Spring Fling

 The annual PAMOM Spring Fling was last weekend and it was a great event. Here is Izzie and Maddie feeding the goats.

 A couple of pigmy bulls.

 More yums for the goats.

 Bounce houses are always a hit!

 Izzie and Maddie with their Momma.

 On the train with Juliet and her twins.

 Maddie was hesitant at first, but she finally decided to get in the frame with the bunny as long as I was there too!

 And of course the Easter Egg Hunt (er... scramble? Wasn't much of a hunt, since they are all laid out in the grass!)

 Checking out the goods and showing them to daddy.

 Our friends Sydney and Madison also scoping out their goodies.

Friends, Jake and Ford.

Friday, March 23, 2012


My sweet Maddie. I used to sleep like this too!!

Chiropractors in Training

 Daddy's back was hurting this afternoon so the girls were doing some chiropractic training. This is Izzie, full of grins to be walking on her Dad's back!

 Maddie didn't have any qualms at all with "get up on daddy's back and march."

I LOVE this stage of kids art! Izzie is slowly adding details like in the pink princess on the left, now has a dress on. The box thing around her head I wrongly assumed was a castle, but it is actually her hair (the crown is on top of the hair.) Then there is a yellow princess and a brown king. The past few days Maddie has lost her confidence in art saying she is "Math Girl" and Izzie is saying she's "Art Girl." I'm just giving her space and letting her find her way. They used those terms in a Super Hero voice, like it was their Super Hero Names.

It is so much fun to see them piecing things together. For instance, this afternoon I was trying to pry apart two of my homemade chicken nuggets that had frozen together. Maddie said, "You should use a knife mom!" So I got out a butter knife and wedged it between the nuggets. When they popped apart, I told her that was a good idea. She said, "Yes, I just closed my eyes and thought. Then I figured out a knife would help you so I told you that!" She was very proud of herself and I was proud that she was vocalizing her deductive reasoning.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I haven't been too great about keeping with life events on this blog this year, but today was a pretty big one. My mother-in-law got diagnosed with cancer in her kidney about three weeks ago and today was the surgery to have one of her kidneys removed. We talked to the girls about it, because we knew they'd hear us talking about it a bit and I didn't want them to make up something in their heads that was worse than reality. We told them that Grandma had a big boo-boo in her tummy and that the doctors were going to help her go to sleep and while she was sleeping they'd cut a tiny hole in her tummy and fix up the boo-boo. Then Grandma was going to have to stay in the hospital to rest for a few days after the doctors fixed her. They were all okay with this info.

Today they asked a few more questions when they got home. They wanted to know what kind of boo-boo. So I went into a bit more details. We've been talking about organs like our heart, bladder, lungs and stomach. So I told them that there is another organ in the body that is called a kidney and that people have two of them. I told the girls that Grandma got a boo-boo on one of her kidneys and the doctor was going to take it out so she'd just have one left. Maddie is very good at putting things together and immediately asked, "what if she gets a boo-boo on the other kidney?" So I answered as best I could. I told her if that happened, we'd all sit with the doctors and find out the best way to get rid of that boo-boo. She was okay with that answer.

My mom spent the night last night so she could be here with the girls and John and I woke up at 5:30 to head to the hospital. We wanted to be able to give her a hug before she went back. It was a fairly short surgery, but with all the prep and recovery we were waiting for a long time. The staff at the hospital was excellent though giving us constant updates. And there are screens all around the hospital were you can look up the patient number and see what stage of surgery/recovery they are in. That was pretty neat. We finally got to see her after the surgery. The doc's said everything went exactly perfect and that she should recover nicely. They got all of the cancer out which is the best news of the day.

It was a rough day all around. It isn't easy when someone close to you has to go under. And cancer is such a scary word. You never know exactly what it means. I'm just glad that for today, everything went well and my mother-in-law is cancer free. I'm grateful to be part of such a wonderful family. I'm lucky to have a mom who steps in without hesitation to watch the girls so I can be with my husband and his mom. My mom is often the silent background partner so that I can go out and be a contribution in the world. And without the contribution that she is, I couldn't be who I am.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Party

 Pot 'O Gold Craft Project.

 Izzie showing off her rainbow.

 All the kids. Maddie, Madison, Izzie, Ford, Gabe, Jake and Sydney.

Working on the craft.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bandana Dress

 Izzie and Maddie showing off the Bandana Dresses I made for them yesterday. I love how they turned out! They wore them to the mall today and we got a ton of compliments.

 They really loved how they had a "twirl" skirt. They twirled and twirled and twirled. Here's Maddie mid-twirl!

Izzie showing off her twirl.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Weeding the Garden

Maddie and Izzie were in the front yard helping me weed the front flower bed. It has been very, very neglected. I had a set of mini shovels and they were digging here and there. That soon lost their interest and the found some empty flowerpots and started cooking. In went some rocks, sticks, seed pods and other garden treasures. A big stick became the spoon. Then Izzie asks me if she can pull some leaves off a bush. "Mom," she says, "we need some cilantro in our soup!"

A bit later Maddie found a rock that glittered when you moved it in the sunlight. She was so excited she found some pirate treasure. She ran inside and gave it to Daddy as a very special gift.

Then it was about time to clean up. John came outside to help pick up the weeds and some paper trash that had floated up to our porch. Izzie picked up a piece of paper and started tearing it in bits and dropping them on the ground. I told her to stop littering. (After I said it, I wish I had been more gentle and asked her a different way to think about what she was doing, because they both know that littering is a very disrespectful thing to do.) She got so upset she ran over to the oak tree in our front yard, wrapped her arms around it and gave it a big hug. She said she was sorry to the planet. It was a very sweet crunchy-momma sort of moment.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Momma Day Off

You know, they say Mom's don't get a day off, and truly they don't. But John gave me a close to day off yesterday! It was great. He let me sleep in, I slept to a glorious 8:30, but I didn't come downstairs until 9am! Luxury, I tell you. Then I helped get the girls hair brushed and he whisked them off to the park for the morning. The whole crew came home at lunch time and as I was about to start making some lunches I noticed him coming up the walk with a surprise take-out lunch. The afternoon we mostly hung out at the house and the girls went off to play upstairs by themselves for the majority of the afternoon. There were a few spats to help dissolve but mostly there was cooperative play. Now when clean up time came around there was a pretty big tempertantrum. I took off to Home Depot to buy a can of paint for my latest project. I came back home reheated some leftovers and helped the girls pick up before bed. Overall it was a great day and I really, really appreciate everything my hubby did for me and his girls yesterday.

This morning I'm letting him sleep in. I love having him home, but on the otherhand I'm anxious to hear more job leads. I wish we could live in this little happy family bubble indefinitely but unless we win a lotto ticket (that someone gives us, since we never actually go and buy lotto tickets!) John will have to go back to work. Which I'm sure he's ready to do after a month of searching. But I know he's enjoying his family time too. In the meantime I'm enjoying the ebb and flow of our new schedule ever since he's been home.

Since he's sleeping in, I fixed the girls breakfast. They asked for eggs, bacon and applesauce. Easy enough. This morning we had a lesson on what "thaw" means. Since I forgot to put any bacon in the fridge last night I had to quickly thaw some in the microwave. I love when the girls stop to ask what a word means. I completely forget that they are still learning words that I take for granted. They've never been big "why" girls, asking why about everything. (Although I think we've finally entered that stage, because the why's are more frequent now!) So when Maddie asked "what does thaw mean?" We had a bit of a mini-science lesson just before breakfast. Then they each practiced cracking their own eggs and whisking their scrambled eggs up. 

 Izzie and Maddie enjoying their breakfast.

A few days ago, when the girls were playing outside I noticed that they somehow were able to get their tricycles up in their fort! It must have taken a lot of team work. At least they didn't try going down the slide while riding them... something I'm sure I would have tried when I was a kid! (Izzie and Maddie.)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Clothing Shopping Trip

 Feverish Izzie coloring on the couch.

 Maddie, with a bit more energy... vacuuming the kitchen floor in an attempt to harness that energy!

My poor Izzie has a bit of a fever yesterday and today. It came on pretty suddenly. My mom was playing with both the girls over at her house when I got a text message: "Izzie has been asleep in the middle of the floor for 30 minutes." I replied back with a "really??" That is just not my girl. Sure enough about an hour later she had a temperature. After picking the girls up we had a low key day of watching tv and reading quietly. They both went to bed fairly early and it was a rough night for John. By evening I wasn't feeling well either. I never got a fever but I just felt completely drained of energy.

I ended up going up to bed by 7:45 and I was asleep by 9:30. I woke up feeling refreshed 11 hours later! John, aka superdad, apparently got up with Izzie several times during the night. This morning Izzie was feeling so much better without any sign of fever. I took them out to buy a few new clothes.

They got a growth spurt over the past couple of weeks and suddenly their shirts are all too small. After watching them tug on their t-shirt over and over during storytime because it kept popping up showing their bellies, I decided a shopping trip was in order. For the first time, I took them with me to pick out their own clothes. We went to Kohls and they had a great time trying on clothes in the dressing room for the first time and picking out what they wanted to wear. They got two sun dresses, 2 matching shirts, a pink skirt, a purple skirt and two tunics that they can wear with tights they already have. I wanted to focus mostly on shirts, but they fell in love with the sundresses! As soon as we got home they laid out all their outfits on the floor to show Daddy. They were very proud of their selections. Then they immediately put their sundresses on. Even though it is a cold and rainy day.

But we must have over done it a bit, because this afternoon Izzie went up to her bed and took another nap all on her own. She woke with another fever. So now she's sipping some water and laying on the living room couch. Poor sweety. Oh and Maddie? She's been a cheerful helper this whole time!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Love these conversations!

Maddie: Snow White is in jail.
Me: Why is Snow White in jail?
Izzie: She bit the birthday girl!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Camping in the great outdoors

I'm so far behind I don't know how to get myself caught up on blogging. I have a friend, Misty Urech, that used to blog a lot. She  has all-girl quads that are a little over a year older than Maddie and Izzie. I loved following her blog to see what kinds of things may be in store for me. When her girls turned four she sort of stopped blogging. I figured because she has four kids, that is why she slowed down. But now I see the same thing happening to me. I still want to blog about our goings on, but lately it's getting harder to take the time to do it!

That being said, I'm going to skip ahead and then go back to catch up. Last night I took the girls camping for the first time! We went camping in my Mom's backyard, but we did it in style. We built a fire in a big firepit that we made. Then we pitched a tent right in the backyard. Chris helped me with the tent and Mom helped make the dinner. We made cornbread topped chili in my dutch oven. Then we had the stereotypical s'mores for dessert. John came for some visiting and dinner, but then he headed home since camping isn't really his thing.

The girls looked so cute in their mini camp chairs in "57 layers" of clothing. I told them beforehand we'd have to layer up because it was going to get cold and they told me they would put on 57 layers if it got that cold. We ended up sleeping in two pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, the girls each wore a dress with a shirt over it, I had two shirts and then we all slept in our jackets too. We had a big fat comforter and two additional quilts. It was cold. Cold, cold. cold! The original weather report a few days out said 47 degrees, but the day before it changed to 38. We were so excited that we didn't want to cancel, but boy was it cold! I'm so glad we stuck through it though, because I know the girls had a wonderful time.

At one point just after dinner Izzie got a splinter in her hand. We tried getting it out but it was lodged in there pretty good. Finally we decided to just put some antibiotic cream and a bandage on it and give her a rest from crying. This was also the point where the sun was dipping and the temps were starting to drop. I took the girls into the tent to change them into warmer clothes so we could make s'mores. They were screaming they were so cold (I think that was mostly in their heads, because it was not all that cold at that point.) And Izzie was crying still upset by her splinter. When we emerged from the tent, all bundled up and (finally) happy, Mom asked the girls if they were having fun camping. "YES!" was their immediate answer. Mom looked at me in surprise. With all the ruckus they were going on about in that tent, fun was not what Mom thought they'd say yes to!

Last night, I might have gotten some sleep but I was worried about the girls being too cold. That and there was some sort of crazy party going on at one of the neighbors that went until about 2 am. But I wasn't too worried about lack of sleep because I knew I would be able to turn over the reigns in the morning to John. And sure enough around 7 am after a cumulative of maybe 2.5 hours of sleep, when the girls woke up and they were ready to GO because it was so cold, I threw them in the car, we abandoned camp and went home for a hot bath and some warm food. I told them if it was real camp we'd have to build another fire for our breakfast but this was just practice camp! I gave John a bleary kiss good morning and went back to bed. Thanks so much for that honey!!! :) We came back later in the afternoon to pack up the tent and campsite!

Even though the night was cold we had fun playing with glo-sticks and cuddling to keep warm. It was a grand adventure in a backyard and I'm sure we will all remember for a long time the dancing of the fire, the twinkling of the stars and the silly songs we sang around the campfire.

 The fire
 Izzie and Maddie watching the fire.

 Dinner gets started. Izzie and Maddie were having fun running around and just playing.

 Izzie and Maddie eating dinner. They both said it was good, but then they hardly ate any of it.

 Chili. Then you pour a layer of cornbread on top and bake. Great camping one pot meal!

 Campsite. Maddie and Popo checking out the tent.
 Starting to put up the tent (photos are out of order, obviously....)

Watching the fire dance with Daddy.