Monday, February 27, 2012


I'm back! I did not intend to take an almost two week blogging break, but I did it anyway. Things have been good around here, but even after almost a month of John being home it's still hard to find a rhythm some days. I will say one thing, my house is looking pretty good. Having John home to help with some of the chores has made keeping the house much easier to do. I'm about to start tackling some big clean out projects, like the guest room closet. It's gotten pretty scary over the past couple of years. I know all my camping gear is in that closet and I need to take it out and inventory it. I will be camping this spring! I keep saying that I want to take the kids camping but I've yet to do it. I'm determined to do it though. Well... here is some of what went on the past two weeks...

 Izzie with Coach Michael learning a new trick on the bars.

Maddie's turn!
Valentine's Day party at Melanie's House: Izzie, Ford, Madison, Maddie, Sydney, Gabe and Jake.
 Maddie loves playing with the Davis' twins double doll stroller.

 Lunch time! (Izzie left, Sydney, Ford, Gabe, Jake, Maddie and Madison.)
 Madison and Maddie like to play together.

 You'll find Izzie with Sydney most of the time.

 Just for fun, a few nights ago, I pulled out some chopsticks with kiddie helpers on them. I was serving a grilled chicken salad but the girls had a fun time eating their salad with the sticks! (Maddie, Izzie.)

 Last Saturday was Jake and Ford's 4th birthday part at the Frisco Fire Department. This was pretty cool. They got to see a fireman dress up in his uniform and they got to go on the fire truck. It was a fun party!

Happy Birthday to Ford!
 And Jake.

Maddie climbing up in the firetruck.

 One rainy day last week, I helped the girls build a fort in the living room. Izzie popped her head out to say hi!
 And then for a super extra special fun spontaneous treat, we let the girls have a sleep over in the family room. This was of course very exciting! I snuck in after they finally fell asleep and snapped a photo of them on their pallets. I wanted to put up their little tents but they just wanted their pallets. (Maddie, Izzie.)

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