Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 Izzie working on the Letter F for our Alphabet Book.

Maddie working on her Letter F. They came up with lots of good F words all on their own: Fun, Fox, Fire, Feather, Fish, and Frog. I was impressed by how fast they were just rolling the F words out there!

I was commenting to John this morning that in college I wasn't very active as far as clubs went. I was not exactly a joiner. I had my small group of friends and my classes and for the most part I was content. After getting married I started looking for groups. Maybe because as an adult it is harder to make friends, especially if you don't work in a big company. (When we were first married I did lots of random jobs: daycare teacher, summer camp counselor, riding director, graphic artist working with one employer.) So, like I said, I got involved with groups. Starting out first I found a home with Landmark Education. I love their programs and their leadership training program. Then after we moved into our house, I started volunteering at Equest, which is a therapeutic horse facility that does great work with people with special needs.

Then I had kids. Next think I know I'm joining Mommy-Clubs left and right! One of my first clubs to join was PAMOM (Plano Area Mothers of Multiples) I love them dearly. They are a great support group for those first years with multiples. The problem with PAMOM is that the club has a hard time retaining membership past kindergarten age kids. I'm on the board and we are actively trying to find a solution but it's a problem. Even currently as we are trying to add more programs for older kids, there isn't enough. I also belong to a smaller mom club for my city, but it has pretty much slowed down to a facebook page. We never get together anymore, but it still nice to have close my moms to chat with.

So I am branching out. Since I am doing homeschool preschool, I've decided to look into some homeschool groups around town. I want the girls to still be able to do socials/playdates and a lot of their friends are now in preschool. So it is a great way to meet new people that are doing similar things as us. I checked out SELAH, which is great because it is really close by to my area. But they don't offer as much as the one I checked out today, SAIL. Which is a county wide group. The problem with them is most of their meetings are on the other side of town. But they do a lot more things. I don't think I want to join both groups, I think that'll spread myself too thin. Decisions decisions!

I'm still active in Landmark, they are all about personal development and growth and nothing directly related to being a mom. (Although, once you are a Mom, everything is about being a Mom, really!) Once my girls get old enough, I'll be joining Girl Scouts again. I'm still mad at myself that I didn't keep my dues up over the years! I'd love to say that I've been a member since 1985! I have been in heart, if not on paper.

Anyway, I'm not sure where I'm going with all of this. Just mostly thinking out loud. Over the years I've learned that surrounding myself with people who can offer support and friendship is the way to lead a fulfilling life for myself. Even when sometimes just liked loved ones, my friends can drive me crazy and some days I just want to stay curled up in bed with a good book for a friend!

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

When our girls were born, there wasn't a MoMs group in our area.  I literally didn't know anyone with twins, not personally - much less in town, and it was pretty isolating.

I reconnected with another couple of moms, friends of friends, from our multiple birth prenatal classes.  It was such a huge relief to finally talk to someone who "got" it!

I worked with one of the moms to start our local club.  I'm so thankful for her friendship, and the many other moms I've met, some of them now great friends, too.

I agree it's so important to have a group of friends, however that group is comprised.  In my experience over the past three years, being at home can be isolating.  Particularly during this stage of our lives, I'm so thankful to have a group of like-minded friends who is in a similar life stage.

How cool to be exploring other groups, now, too!  :)