Saturday, February 4, 2012

Garage Sale

Ready for a good laugh? I made $4.50 today at a garage sale. Garage sales and I just don't mix. Usually I just don't want to sell my stuff for as cheap as garage sale people want to buy it, so I don't end up selling anything. Today my friend Melanie was having a sell at her house so I figured I'd throw some stuff in the back of my van and see what could be sold. My "big" item was an old working dishwasher that I was trying to sell for $50. No one was even interested in it! I did sell some small stuff, but I just didn't bring enough things to make it worth it. I made a whopping $22 at the sale. Considering I owed Melanie $5 for something from last week and then we all went out to lunch I think I netted $4.50. Whoo! That officially is the worst sell I've ever done, but I also did get rid of about 20, $1 items that were in the garage which was a big deal. And I did get to hang out with two friends for a morning.

John stayed home with the girls and I think for the most part they had a good day. I think John is coming down with another cold. Boo. And this evening the girls went upstairs to play and once again wrecked the family room. About half of their toys are in time out from a previous day, but they managed to make a huge mess with the remaining toys. This is getting old fast. They usually are great about cleaning up. Sure they resist occasionally but lately they've just refused. So tonight I made them sit on their beds until they were ready to clean (which they weren't.) At dinner they were allowed to come eat, then they had to go back either to time out or clean. They chose time-out. I told them in the morning they could have breakfast and then we'd start it again. Time out or clean ALL DAY long until the mess is spotless. I guess we are going to have to monitor them a bit closer for a while and only allow one toy out at time. Which is our rule, but the rule is getting broken too often. Isn't parenting fun?

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

Oh, the clean-up scenario exhausts me just reading it!  HA!  Our girls are off and on...but usually we can ultimately get the den clean.  What's tough at our house is that A is much more apt to help than B.  She will buzz around, once she gets going, and pick up 10 things to B's one thing.  Baby A doesn't seem to mind, but that's so unfair.  Sigh.

I'm laughing about your $4.50!  But, as you said, hanging out with friends, going out to lunch, AND getting some $1 items out of your garage?  I'd call it a win!  :)