Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Busy Bees

What another busy week it has been! John is working on getting over the cold he got on Saturday, but he's almost all better now. Monday the girls and I went over to Melanie's house for an impromptu playdate with Madison and Sydney. Mostly to give John some quiet time to sleep away his horrible head cold.

Monday night, I went to a Homeschoolers Meeting with a group called SELAH. They were wonderful women and I had a really great time at the meeting. I loved hearing their backgrounds and why they started homeschooling. Vicki, the most experienced mom of the group has a 21 year old son in college. She homeschooled him all the way through. Her two daughters she homeschooled up to high school, and then they wanted to go to a private high school so now she is just homeschooling her 11 year old son at the moment. Brynn has two sons. One was reading before Kindergarten and she was worried he'd be bored so she decided to homeschool, but then he got even further ahead and one thing led to another and now she's homeschooling both boys! Sharon is "unschooling" right now. She has two boys that she adopted and they are just trying to learn to be a family for the moment. She'll add in more academics as they get settled. Last was Rachel who was homeschooled herself all the way through and then she went to college and became a nurse. When she had children she naturally wanted to homeschool them too. She has three boys. They were all so different but they were very supportive of each other with tons of great advice and funny stories.

Tuesday I took the girls to the SELAH P.E. class. They get together every Tuesday for a PE class that is split by the younger kids and the older kids. Then the little kids (4 and under) just play on the playground or hang out with the moms. Two of the moms are the PE teachers and they have had formal training in PE. I really loved watching the different age groups working together and helping each other. The older kids get to learn by teaching (and doing.) I had a great time visiting with Sharon and I felt very welcomed by the group. I also loved how Maddie and Izzie ran out to the playground and started playing with the kids right away.

Tuesday evening was my PAMOM meeting. I was super excited for this meeting. I coordinated the guest speaker for the Expectant Moms forum. I asked my friend Nicole to come out and give a talk on Real Foods for Pregnancy. She did a terrific job! We had a great turn out too. Then after our forums I ran upstairs to get my booth ready. I was one of the Spotlight Vendors this month selling my personalized towels! It was a lot of fun showing off all my hard work.

Today we had gymnastics in the morning and a PAMOM social in the afternoon. We went to Garnet Hill Rehabilitation and Skills center. Fancy term for "old folks home" which I'm gathering is no longer the PC terminology. I was so proud of my two girls! The both sat at the table with the "grandmas and grandpas" to do the Valentine's Day craft. The other kids sat at a table by themselves. Then we walked around the facility waving and talking to the residents as we went a long. We stopped in a room of two sisters who were an absolute hoot. One couldn't hear and one didn't like to talk. The one who couldn't hear, could hear her sister though. So her sister would translate any questions we had and then Jean (the talker) would talk to us. It was a comedy act! At one point she told us that their older brother just kicked the bucket and left them an entire farm. They were planning on taking us there for a picnic by the end of our visit. Before we left we got a photo with a couple of the people we did the craft with. Izzie held Mrs. Bess's hand, which I think really made Mrs. Bess's day. It was a great day.

 Izzie and Maddie at the SELAH PE Class.

 Just a normal "playtime" at the Dittlingers. They've been into making big messes lately! (Izzie, Maddie.)

 My DittDottDesigns Booth at the PAMOM Meeting!

 Some of the kids at the Garnet Hill Social.

 Maddie and Izzie at the Garnet Hill Social.

Mr. Donny, Mrs. Bess, Izzie  and Maddie with the rest of the PAMOM kids. There were two other sets of identicals so I didn't quite get who was who but Aaron was the older brother to identical girls, Elle and Sydney and Brooke was the older sister to identical girls, Claire and Keely.

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