Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunny California... I mean, Texas.

I have I mentioned the weather lately? It's supposedly January. January usually means winter in Texas. Even if we don't get snow every year, it still usually gets some form of cold. Someone forgot to tell the weather man. Yesterday it reached a nice 80 degrees outside. Last year this time it had already SNOWED. Crazy, huh? I'm am really not complaining. I LOVE this weather. It is the perfect temp for me. Not hot and not cold, just comfortable.

I was glad when on Thursday, my friend Erin, texted me and said that she and Gabe were down at the park near our house. The girls were out playing in the backyard, but we quickly jumped into the van and drove down to the park. Gabe had never been to this park before and Maddie and Izzie were quick to show him the ropes. Next to the playground equipment is a "forest" that is full of green crabapples. The girls love the forest more than the playground and usually spend most of their time playing in it collecting these crabapples. They soon had Gabe in on the fun and they had a great time gathering up a big pile of these funny plants.
 Maddie, Gabe and Izzie just chilling out.

Gabe, Maddie and Izzie watching the ducks.

On a completely unrelated note, Izzie said something super funny last night and I wanted to write it down before I forgot. Again, enjoying the beautiful weather, the girls were outside on their swingset. I came out to talk to them and ask them what they wanted for dinner. Izzie jumps up and says, "Mom, we have got to TALK about this. It is important." Trying to keep a straight face from her very grown up words, I asked her what we needed to talk about. She said, "We need to talk about perhaps, the fact we NEED a popsicle for dessert, you know... after dinner." I asked her if that was was so important to discuss. She said, "Yes! It is very important." How can a mom say no to that? Especially since the "popsicle" really is just some frozen yogurt?

Then Maddie pops in and says, "We want, eggs, peas, ham and cheese for dinner." Sounded easy to me, so I went in to start cooking. Maddie follows me in and I tell her I'm getting out the ingredients for her omelet. She says, "No mom! I don't want them mixed in together! I want them all differented out!" She was talking fast as to prevent me from quickly making an omelet. I asked her if she was very sure she didn't want an omelet. With big arm movements pointing dramatically to different parts of the plate she says, "No, eggs here, peas, ham and cheese right here, here and here!" Love my girls!

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

I love the popsicle conversation and the no omelet one, too!  It cracks me up when our girls explain something so seriously!  :)