Monday, January 23, 2012

Riley's 4th Party

Saturday the girls were invited to a birthday party for their friend, Riley. We met Riley at storytime. She's the first of their friends that they met on their own. Sure, I helped. Riley's mom, Ashlea and I started talking before storytime started one day and we introduced the girls, but they all hit off really fast. Maddie and Izzie would go and sit down next to Riley during the stories. Soon they started giggling and talking to each other. We had Riley over for a playdate a couple of weeks ago and I know that all three girls had a good time.

So we were happy to be going to celebrate her 4 year birthday. It was a sweet Puppy Party. There were only 5 kids, but that was actually the perfect amount to keep in nice and manageable. The kids played Pin the Paw on the Puppy and Pass the Paw. Then of course there was cupcakes and ice cream followed by opening gifts and then just playtime in Riley's room.

 Izzie playing Pin the Paw. Neither of my girls would do it with the blindfold.

 Maddie sorta peeked at the last second and got her paw right on the mark.

 Cupcakes and Icecream.
 Maddie and Izzie watching Riley
 I gave Riley one of my name towels.

Kaitlyn, Riley, Maddie and Izzie.

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