Friday, January 27, 2012

Mommy Playdate

I'm so excited! I'm going on a Girl Weekend! A mom get away, a leave the kids and hubs at home relaxation trip. Whatever you want to call it. My friends, Melanie and Alison are going to stay with me at the Holly Lake cabins this weekend. Tonight the girls are staying at my moms house so John gets a mini-vacation by himself too. Since I'm not actually on the deed to stay at the time-share (it's his parents time-share), John is going above and beyond to follow me and my friends out to the resort. He'll check us in and head back home. I can't believe how generous he is being with his time and energy! I have the best husband ever.

So what do we have planned? Not much! We plan on sleeping in and relaxing. I wonder if us MOMS can turn off for the weekend? Can we just sit still? I highly doubt it. I'm bringing my sewing machine to work on some of my towels for DittDott Designs. I think Melanie is bringing her scrapbooking stuff. Alison said she'd be bringing some project or maybe just a good book to read. Mostly the goal is to enjoy the peace and quiet, and just hang out.

The girls are excited too. Like I said, they are spending the night at Nanna and Popo's house tonight. As I was saying good bye to Izzie she said, "Momma, Maddie and I are going to have a great time at Nannas. You go and have a good time with your mommy friends. Have a fun playdate with them!"

So here's to the beginning of a Mommy Playdate!

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

That just sounds heavenly!  Enjoy it!!!