Monday, January 16, 2012

Moments in a morning

This morning we didn't have any plans, and you know, that is just nice. I think every day last week we had to be up and at 'em for something or other. The girls actually woke up pretty early at ten after six. I wasn't quite ready to crack my eyes open, even though I did get a good nights sleep. Apparently the girls were a bit fussy through the night and I slept through it all, John got up several times in the night! I know I've said it before, but it is worth mentioning a million more times, I have the most terrific, loving, supportive husband ever. So, like I said, they woke up early singing Jingle Bells at the top of their lungs. But they were happy so I just let them be. At around 7, they tiptoed out of their room to the family room and proceeded to play quietly for another 45 minutes. I was up the entire time, just laying in bed reading my book.

Finally, I called out to them to see if they were ready for breakfast. They told me that they were but that the needed to clean up first. Music to a moms ears I tell you. So, I got up and ready and they came to get me. Izzie told me to close my eyes and follow them. They each grabbed one of my hands and led me down the hall. Then they said, "Ta Da! You can open your eyes!" So I did. And I ohhed and aahhhed over how much they picked up. The perfectionist in me bit my tongue not to point out the one or two toys that were still out. And I'm glad I did because they were so proud of their work.

We headed downstairs to make some breakfast. A request was made for egg and bacon sandwiches, which I happily complied with. Since I use salt that is iodine free (I use real sea salt that is full of awesome natural minerals, but no iodine.) I occasionally sprinkle dried seaweed on our food. (It has naturally occurring iodine) Maddie got suspicious this morning and was insistent that the "black" spots were pepper and her eggs were too spicy. I promised her that they were in fact NOT spicy, but she just said, "I know they are!"

Anyway, after breakfast Izzie curled up on the couch with me while Maddie was off playing and we just had one on one time for a bit. I was asking her what she loved about all her family members. Some of the highlights: Nanna: Gardening with her. Daddy: Playing computer games with him, Popo: coloring with him, Grandma: her toy room. (she sort of took the question what did she love "doing" with them instead of what did she love "about" them, but I just let her be.) When I asked her what she loved about herself she said, that she loved being a part of her sister. I'm not sure if she expressed what she meant to express or if she was trying to say something different, but it still touched my heart. Then the girls switched and Izzie went off to play and Maddie and I cuddled for a bit. Maddie said she loved when Daddy tickled her, when Grandpa played with her, when Dana read to her. And what she loved most about herself was how good she was at markers. But then she told me she didn't want to talk about all of that anymore. So I asked her what she wanted to talk about. "Answering the door," she said.

About a week ago, I brought up safety about not answering the door and that only grown-ups answer the door. True to Maddie-form, she peculated on it a bit and then wanted to make sure she got the new rules down pat. She loves knowing exactly what the rules are. Maybe she'll be a Judge one day!

Then they headed upstairs to go play blocks. They wanted to make a city. After awhile they called me up to look at their fabulous city. And it was. Fabulous. I know I'm their mom and so of course everything they do is perfect, but sometimes they really impress the socks off me. They had a hospital (so they could visit mommies on bedrest who had babies in their tummy, something we did last week.) They built Daddy's work, a park, the swimming pool where they had lessons last summer, our house, their future houses where they are going to live when they grow up. They had the park, the grocery store, the library and even some statues because every city needs lovely things. (Izzie's words!)

After they showed me their city I asked them if they wanted to play a new game. I realized that I haven't done any syllable work with them yet. I told them it was a clapping game. They picked it up lightening quick. We were clapping out the syllables (with blocks) to every word and name we could come up with. It was amazing how intuitive it was for them. The hardest part was having them pronounce syllable! Izzie sort of said it like sylabub. Soon they were bored with clapping out words and we started clapping out sentences.

Now, it's not even 11 am, the girls are out playing in our unusually warm winter (it's 68 today!) and I'm supposed to be working on some graphics for PAMOM. Instead, I'm taking a moment to reflect on this incredibly serene morning I've had. I want to box it up and treasure all the hugs, kisses and moments I've had this morning.

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