Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mema and Pepaw's House!

This weekend the family headed down to Bryan for a quick trip to my Mema and Pepaw's house. It was a great little get away. We left early Friday afternoon and we were back early this afternoon, but we still got some good play and visiting in. Shortly after we got there on Friday, my Aunt Rebecca brought my cousins, Darian and Daylynn over to play with. They are just 5 months old and the second set of identical twins in our family! You know it just hit me that I have a set of identical cousins! I keep thinking of them as the girls' cousins because they are younger than Maddie and Izzie, but they are actually my cousins. Darian and Daylynn are Maddie and Izzie's second cousins.

It sure did take me back though, seeing Darian and Daylynn. We played baby musical chairs because they were a bit fussy when they got there and they both wanted Momma and only their Momma. So I'd hold one of the girls and she'd cry so we'd trade and back and forth. Finally everyone got settled and happy so we could get some good smiles and kisses in. Maddie and Izzie weren't too impressed with the babies. When they quietened up a bit they were more than willing to play with them, but whenever they cried, my girls took off and said to heck with them! The funniest part was when I had Daylynn for a good 15 minutes thinking she was Darian. Then I saw the spot of white hair on the back of her head and realized I had Daylynn! She has an "albino" lock of hair so even though they are identical, as long as she keeps that we'll be able to figure out who is who. I figured it was nature's way of helping my Mema out. To this day she still can't tell Maddie and Izzie apart even though she now tries very hard to do so. Since these girls live in the same city as her, Mema needs to be able to tell them apart!

Saturday I saw my girls for a few minutes, but they spent almost the entire day coloring with Mema. Everytime I'd go check on them they'd say, "We are busy mom." They did want me to go take them to my cousin Casie's trampoline. She lives next door to Mema and Pepaw and the girls love being able to bounce on her trampoline. But most of the day they spent with Mema. She taught them how to hunt for four leaf clovers and look for treasures (seed pods) in the backyard. Pepaw even took the girls out to the shop to use a hammer to investigate what was inside one seed pod. Both girls were a bit disappointed when it was "nothin' special" inside.

I got a chance to sit down and "interview" Pepaw about how he met Mema and his time in the Airforce. They met on a blind date. One of his Airforce buddies was going to spend the weekend in Mema's hometown and asked Pepaw and if he wanted to tag along. He promised him he could get him a date. So they did a double date with Mema and her sister Mary. Pepaw used to hitchhike in his Airforce uniform 100 miles to see Mema on the weekends when they were dating! As I told him, "how romantic!"

When I was a kid, every night that I spent with Mema she would rub my hair and tell me a story. My stories were always about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. But I would tell Mema what the them was. For instance, Baby Bear starts Kindergarten, Baby Bear goes to Camp, Baby Bear looses his Tooth; basically whatever I was going through Mema would weave a tale about it. (I was of course Goldilocks and Baby Bear was my best friend... who was the one having all the issues.) My mom wishes that we'd recorded Mema and transcribed her stories. She basically wrote the Bernstein Bears Books before they were a thing. She could have been rich!

But the tradition caries on and now she is telling stories to my girls. They don't stick to the Three Little Bears format though. Last night they asked Mema to tell them a story about "A Dentist and a Bad Guy. The Bad Guy is Superman." and their second story was supposed to be about "A Barber and a Dragon." Mema really had to use her imagination for those! Somehow she pulled it off to their satisfaction. At the end of storytime she told them that she was going to give them a cookie for the ride home. They said, "Mema, no more junk food. We've had an ice cream, a brownie and a cookie while we were here, that is too many sometimes foods!" She said that was a very good choice. Love when those lessons sink in!

So all in all we had a terrific visit. The girls politely told them Thank You for having us, and please come and visit us soon.... and I really hope they do!

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