Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kidz Gym 2 and KidKraft Desk

Today has already been busy! The girls had their first class of Kidz Gym 2. Last week they graduated from level 1 to level 2. So they got a new coach, Coach Michael. They were both very excited about going up a level to the "big" kid class. Maddie wanted to know if we were going to a new building, which is a fair question because when we went from Mom & Tots to Kidz Gym, we switched gymnastics companies. I didn't think the transition would be too rough for them since we were staying in the same place and they were familiar with the rules and equipment. As we were getting out of the car and Izzie started stalling, I knew something was up. Sure enough when we got into class they were crawling up my leg like you wouldn't believe. I just cuddled and reassured them until class started. Then I literally dragged them out to the floor. Where they cried and cried and cried. So we had a chat in the bathroom. I told them they were being rude to the other girls who were trying to hear Coach Michael. I told them that they did not have to participate (today) but they HAD to sit with their class quietly and listen. We took some deep breaths and went and sat down.

By the time the first part of class was over and they were on to the second part, they were joining the other girls. A few minutes after that they were high fiving the coach! By the end of class they were all smiles and giggles. They really have grown so much! The transition was relatively a breeze.

When we got home, while I was making lunch, we got a delivery. Their new KidKraft desk came in! I'm thrilled. They were having a very hard time sharing the old desk. It just wasn't big enough for the types of projects we like to participate in. Having two desks is awesome. They aren't on top of each other to color anymore. The even more exciting part is how they helped me build it. And they did a great job too. They actually were able to work the socket wrench with no problems. Now they are are already enjoying their new work space!

 Who is who? Do you know? I'll answer later...

 Izzie and Maddie with their new coach, Coach Michael.

 Maddie with the socket wrench.

 Izzie working on her table leg.

 Izzie putting on washers and Maddie wrenching on the nut.

Old and New desks!

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