Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ABC Book

 Izzie and Maddie having a pretend tea party.

 Aunt Rhonda came over to play yesterday. We took the girls out on their scooters and bikes. We live in the middle of a pretty long street. They rode their scooters down and back one way and their bikes down and back the other way.

 Maddie working on her Letter A.

Izzie working on her Letter A.
Back in the days when I was on bedrest and dreaming about how life would be with two kids, one thing I always thought we'd do was make an alphabet book together. The one I had planned out in my head was really elaborate. Where we'd glue sand to the S page and feathers to the F page and other creative endeavors. Maybe we'll still make that fancy alphabet book one day, but for now we are going to make a simple one.

We started today with the letter A. The girls traced their A, colored it and then cut out 8 pictures that started with A and glued them to their letter. They did a remarkable job cutting and both were proud of their work. Izzie wanted to jump in and start the letter B right away, but I think one letter at a time was about the attention span and didn't want her to get bored in the middle of her letter. So she just practiced her scissor skills on some blank paper for awhile. It was fun watching how the both tackled the cutting problem. Maddie cut out each individual rectangle, quickly and without too much precision. Izzie carefully cut long strips staying on the lines as much as possible.

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