Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Charter, first draft.

January 1, 2012. Another year goes by. I started reading some of my old posts from last January and I could hardly believe those things happened a year ago. Time really is funny that way. I haven't really sat down to think about this upcoming year. To map out my goals and dreams. I have some fuzzy ideas but nothing concrete yet. I've spent the past week working to make the house fresh for the new year. After living here for 6 years, I just need some change. Move some furniture around, perhaps get out a can of paint and work on one of the couple of rooms that haven't had color added to them. (I'm down to two bathrooms, the stairwell and a hallway. The rest of my house is a burst of color.) I love controlled change. That is, change that I create.

I'd like to go on a family trip this summer. Last year we talked about going to Colorado, but it never materialized. Which is okay. But this year I'd like to make sure that some sort of trip really happens, even if it isn't in another state. I also want to go camping this year. I'd love to go for a full week, but I'm not sure we can swing that with the girls first camping trip. Not to mention John isn't 100% sure about camping. He promised me one night. Hopefully he'll have so much fun that one night he'll stay another, or at least promise to come back again in the future.

I'd like to get fit. Some days that feels like a pipe dream. I have a hard time prioritizing exercise. There is always an excuse available. I need to put myself first for awhile.

I'd like to sell more of my art/crafts. I love creating, I have a harder time selling. I'd like to get paid for the creative works I put out in the world. That probably means saying NO to some volunteering I've done in the past. I used to get paid to design, now I give it all away. I read somewhere that freelance doesn't mean free and I need to think about that.

This year I can't wait to watch the girls blossom from toddlers to kids. Now that they are four, their toddler days are long behind them. Their personality is bursting through and I know that this year is going to be a very exciting year. Sometimes I just love watching them when they don't know I am looking. I love the people they are becoming. Everyday they are more and more independent with wishes, dreams and wants all on their own.

This year, I want to also focus on my marriage. I have the most wonderful husband ever. I think it is easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget to tell each other that. I won't get too sappy, I am mostly private about that sort of thing, but I want him to know that I love him and cherish every moment I have with him. He is my rock and every day I think how lucky my girls are to have him as a father.

This year, I plan on being amazing. I plan on being fully self expressed and I plan on living life to its fullest. It's gonna be a great year.

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