Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Surprise Note from Santa

Here is Ginger our Santa Helper Elf.

Yesterday's Discipline Bootcamp was exhausting! Not that we didn't have lots of fun in between the timeouts and crying bouts, but they did not like that I didn't let them get away with things. I figured today would be round two, but so far they are listening a million times better than before. I did get a bit of help from Santa though. Apparently Ginger, our Santa Helper Elf told Santa that Maddie and Izzie made a lot of bad choices yesterday. So Santa sent Ginger back with two stuffed snowmen and a note. The note said that if the girls made better choices today that the snowmen would be a gift for the girls to take to bed with them tonight. They were both very excited about this and Maddie said, "Santa KNOWS we are snowmen!!!"

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