Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sand box and Flip Video

For Christmas I got a Flip Video Player. I'm so excited about it because it is a super simple way to take short videos. This is a video of the girls playing with their new sandbox. A couple of years ago (I can't believe the girls are old enough for me to say a "couple of years ago!") Anyway, Popo made them an awesome sandbox. But we didn't research it right or put enough money into or something because it just didn't work. It became a giant litterbox. So we put a cover on it, but the sand got moldy. So we put a different kind of cover, but that ended up not working either. Now it is home to a family of field mice. We are going to convert the sandbox into a garden for the girls next spring. I'm sad it didn't work out because, the idea was great and I really wanted it to work out. But the girls really missed not being able to play in their sandbox so Grandma and Grandpa bought them a sandbox with a tight sealing lid for their birthday. I hope this one works out better because the girls are already enjoying it!

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