Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No Voice

Today has been a VERY interesting day. I woke up with no voice. I can barely whisper or talk like a broken rough sounding cowboy that smokes a lot. I sound terrible and any sound that comes out has come at a painful price. But other than my voice being gone, I felt fine so the day went on as usual. Well, almost.

I decided to steal my mom's chiro appointment this morning (thanks MOM!) and have Dr. Reif work on my jaw which was painfully tight last night. I've got TMJ which flares up occasionally. Someone told me that chiropractors can work on your sinuses and other things too, so I figured why not? He was a huge help in my jaw for sure. But the appointment was pretty early so I had to take the girls with me, there wasn't time to drop them off at mom's house. Plus, I was stealing her appointment, I thought it'd be over the top to steal her appointment AND ask her to spontaneously babysit at the last moment.

Not to mention, it was good for the girls. They need to get out with me at places like that where they HAVE to act like grown-ups and learn the difference between getting to be a free spirited kid and having decorum. They were terrific! I was so proud of them. They spent the entire appointment visiting with the receptionists and nurses. Then they even started talking to the other customers. They would come to the back room occasionally and peek on me and then go back to the waiting room to "visit." They had to tell EVERYONE that Santa sent them stuffed snowmen through Ginger the Elf. Luckily everyone just nodded and went along even though they had no idea what they were talking about. They got the gist of what the girls were saying. I can't believe these are the same girls that were so incredibly shy a few months ago.

My persistence in not allowing people to label them as "SHY" is really paying off. I hate that grown ups are SO quick to label a 3 year old as shy!!!! Some kids actually grow up believing that. I should know, I was one of them. Anyone who knows me tells me that I am NOT shy, but I think of myself as shy because I was told I was shy by grown ups (not my mom.) It's one of those things that can be hard to shake. Anyway, I just tell my girls that Shy is NOT cute and that talkative girls that have smart things to say is better than being shy. It's working. They love talking to the librarians and other grown ups we meet. Now yes, they still sometimes act a bit shy and that is okay. But I don't want it to become their label.

Okay... I got off track... but I haven't been able to talk ALL DAY LONG and that is NOT good for me. I love talking. I never realized how much until I couldn't do it! After chiro we did go to storytime. They had a lot of fun as usual. Home for lunch and then some tree decorating. Our tree decorating has been a multiday project this year, but oh well, spread out the fun! Then the girls did end up going over to Nanna's for a bit this afternoon so I could run some errands by myself. I was excited to hear that Lucky Layla our Raw Milk Dairy finally got their machines working and milk is back on the shelves! That was one of my stops today. I think I see a raw milk smoothie in my future!

By the time I got back to my moms house it was practically dinner time. The girls asked if we could all go to Chiloso's and since John wasn't going to be home until late, I figured why not? I needed the help since by this point my voice was really straining. During dinner it gave out completely and so mom and Chris ended up coming over to help put the girls down. I literally couldn't talk at this point with out the feeling of razor blades being pulled down the inside of my throat. When I'm not talking it just is mild discomfort. So I choose silence. And Kombucha and Cod Liver Oil and Lemon with Honey and homemade chicken stock and a million other things I keep trying to get over this fast!

Well girls are tucked in bed sound asleep and I think I'm headed there very soon!

ps. Don't call me to wish me feeling better... an email would be better! hahahaha

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