Saturday, December 17, 2011

Maddie and Izzie's 4th Birthday Party

I've been calling the girls "almost" four for about 3 months now. Now they really ARE almost four. In three more days. It's really hard to believe. Three still had a bit of babyishness to it, but four... four is just BIG KID. Today we celebrated their fourth milestone with a Snowman Birthday Party, per their request. And I tried to go big with it. We did several snowman party decorations over the past couple of weeks and I bought some too. Today I went to pick up balloons at Party City (no snowmen!) but I did find a 5' tall snowman wall decal that I put on the door. That was cool. Mom brought a snowman cake and I made a snowman pizza.

The down part to the entire day was Maddie not feeling good with a bit of a sore throat and a cough. But she was a trooper and I think she still had a good time. In attendance this year was: Momma, Daddy, Nanna, Popo, Rhonda, Mema, Pepaw, Jackie, Tom, Nanny, Julie, Chris, Sammy and Sabrina.

 Birthday girls : Izzie and Maddie in the snowman shirts I made for them!

 Some of the snowman presents. They actually requested all presents be wrapped with snowman. I thought that was SO cute!

 Daddy and Nanny

 Tom and Mema

 Maddie, Grandma and Julie

 Snowman White Artichoke Pizza

 Chris, Izzie, Nanna and Popo.

 Popo and Izzie.

 Izzie, Maddie, Mema and Rhonda

 Sabrina had a fun time helping!

 Sandbox gift from Grandma and Grandpa!

Maddie and Izzie.

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rumpietump said...

Sounds like the girls had a wonderful 4th Birthday party! Their Snowman theme turned out so cute. I love how you still do family parties and nothing over the top with too many friends. We do the same and it's is such a great memory and special family time instead of an insane group and nothing to really remember from one year to the next.
Happy 4th to Maddie and Izzie!