Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's my Birthday!

Well it's been an interesting birthday so far! John got the girls up early to work on a birthday surprise for me. Then he went to the store to go get the stuff to make me cupcakes. But his battery died in the parking lot so I called my mom's boyfriend, Chris, to go help him jump the van. Our original plan for the day was to have birthday lunch and Christmas tree decorating at my moms house. But her hot water heater exploded last week and her house is now semi under construction. She's not sure she'll even be able to decorate this year due to the construction.

So Chris got the van working and then he followed John home. John started working on the cupcakes with the girls while I went Christmas tree shopping with Chris. We picked out a perfect tree and got it home, mostly dry despite the pouring rain. Then Mom, my sister, Chris, John and the girls sang me Happy Birthday and I opened up gifts. By that time, the gumbo was ready and let me tell you it is a perfect day for gumbo! The sometimes pouring, sometimes drizzly rain has created a great atmosphere for staying warm and cozy in the house with lots of singing, dancing and visiting. Somehow, I think we all sat around visiting too long and the tree did not get decorated! Mom and Chris had to book it out to make it to a Christmas party this evening. But it was a very fun, sort of crazy morning and afternoon.

Oh and the special surprise the girls made for me? My very first noodle necklaces! I LOVE them!

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