Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday

I really need to get a post up about my family Christmas celebration that we did on Sunday. The thing is today wore me out and I want to give the post some justice. It was a wonderful day spent with family. So I promise, I'll write about it soon.

Today was the girls 4th Birthday! I'm so glad we had a big party to celebrate it last Saturday instead of waiting until today. Because today, Maddie was sick and Izzie isn't too far behind her. Yesterday I ended up taking Maddie into the pediatrician and she had a double ear infection. I'm glad I caught it early and we got her on some antibiotics. Her cough was a lot better today, but her lips are cracked and dry so she keeps licking them, leaving her upper lip red and raw. This is causing her the most pain and discomfort of all her symptoms. Izzie's is starting to look the same.

I tried to make today as special as possible for the girls. I put their presents from us on the kitchen table and they got to open them first thing. Then I made them a big pancake that was shaped like a snowman with a piece of bacon for the scarf and chocolate chips and raisins for the eyes, mouth, buttons and arms. They seemed to like my work of food art. Then we just hung out for a bit before going out to run a quick errand. At lunch I let them have a cupcake and I sang Happy Birthday and gave each girl another candle to blow out. The plan was to take the girls out to dinner for their birthday but John ended up coming home from work sick himself. The girls were getting mighty tired by this point, but I didn't want to cancel dinner plans on them. We went to an early dinner with Nanna instead, leaving John at home to rest.

By the time we got home it was straight to an early bedtime. I sang my special version of Happy Birthday one more time and then kisses to bed. Now I've got big four year olds. My has time flown!

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