Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cookie Day 2011

Today was Cookie Day 2011! Grandma Christmas Cookie Day is a tradition that Jackie started as a special day a few years ago. The first year that I participated I think it was just the moms (Me, Julie, Dana and Jackie) while the Dads watched all the babies. Last year we let Sammy, Sabrina, Maddie and Izzie make cookies. This year all SIX grandkids were in residence! Holly had to take a beauty nap during most of the cookie making, but she has the shirt to prove she was there!

Speaking of the shirts.... it started with me wanting to make the girls a cute Christmas shirt. I figured it'd be fun to wear on Cookie Day. Then I got to thinking that it'd be fun for all the cousins to have them. This was a spontaneous decision that I came to I think on Tuesday evening. So I had to make six shirts in just a couple of days. On Wednesday my mom said it was too bad her new embroidery machine was still in the box. But that got me thinking and I made a quick call to a friend. She gladly embroidered all the shirts for me! It was the icing on the cake! It really made the shirts extra special. It was so fun watching all the kids running around in matching t-shirts.

The cooking making was a very fun, very, very, very messy experience. Six kids all around the table with dough and flour flying. It was great. The kids got the hang of it pretty quickly this year and had the patience to go through almost all the dough that Jackie had pre-mixed up. Then we broke for some playing and a bit of lunch. Next came a birthday celebration for both Jackie and I. Her birthday is the 2nd and mine is the 4th. By that time the kids were ready to ice the now cooled down cookies. There were six or eight little bowls of icing and more bottles of sprinkles than I could count. But the kids did remarkably well! The sprinkles got everywhere but the icing surprisingly stayed mostly on the cookies. I think any stray icing got licked up, truthfully.

After icing the kids played some more, the grown ups sat around and visited and it was just a great day to mark down in the memory books. Here are the photos I pared down from the seventy I took!

 Getting ready to go this morning. Izzie decided to throw a pretty awesome tempertantrum, so while she was pulling her fit, Maddie decided to use her time wisely and make Grandma a last minute Birthday Card all on her own. She was so very proud of her work!

Sabrina, Maddie, Sammy, Izzie, Lucy (Holly not picture, she's taking a nap.)
 Grandma getting ready for cookie set up. Lucy, Maddie and Izzie picking out which cutters and rollers they wanted.

 Lucy picked the biggest roller to use.

Maddie and Izzie of COURSE wanted the SNOWMEN cookie cutters!

 Some cookie chaos. Lucy, Sammy, Sabrina and Julie.

Maddie, Izzie, Dana and Lucy. It was hard stopping to wash hands to pick up the camera to take a few photos, the girls still need a lot of help with the rolling!

Holly making a holly shaped cookie with Grandma.

 Yay! All six grandkis. Maddie, Sabrina, Sammy, Maddie, Lucy and Holly. The great thing was that all five of the big kids were old enough to play together really well.

Photo with Nanny. Maddie, Izzie, Sammy, Lucy and Sabrina.

Sabrina, Lucy, Maddie and Izzie putting on a show.

 Lunch break. Sammy, Izzie, Lucy, Maddie and Sabrina.

 Uncle Chris and Sammy.

 Maddie concentrating hard!

 Izzie carefully icing the cookies.

 Sabrina and Sammy.

 Another Maddie photo.

 Another Izzie.
 A photo with Grandma! Izzie, Maddie, Lucy, Sabrina and Sammy.

 Maddie showing off a cookie.

The drive home....

Link to Cookie Day 2010


MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

That is such an awesome tradition...and I love that you made tshirts for all the kiddos.  I am sure it will be something everyone will remember for a long time, such a warm holiday memory.  :)

I have a friend who gets together with her family every year to decorate cookies.  It's a day-long production, now involving four generations.  I always love seeing her pictures...and I have to admit it makes me a bit jealous!

After seeing your post, I did just email a friend to see if she wants to come over for a small decorating party.  It won't be family, but I bet I can still get some cute pictures.  ;)

dittdott said...

Family is whoever you want it to be! I think decorating cookies with friends sounds fun. I'm thinking of making cinnamon dough ornaments as a playgroup... I've got to see if I can get it coordinated along with all the going-ons of this time of year!