Monday, November 21, 2011

Snowmen and Christmas Requests

Izzie and Maddie

The weather this month has been pretty funny. One day it's shorts and t-shirt weather and the next day the girls are bundled up like snowmen. I need to take a photo of them bundled up because this "snowman" thing has taken on a life of it's own. They are now Snowmen most of the day. In the photos above, do they look like little girls? Perhaps Princesses? Nope. They are SNOWMEN, dressed up like a Princess to trick everyone. Gotta love the imagination of almost four year olds!

The snowman craze started when I bought them some fleeces a few weeks ago. I guess they felt so cozy they just felt like snowmen. But now they talk about snowmen all day and they are excited about the snowman themed birthday party they are having in a few weeks.

Oh, and those imaginations? They've asked Santa for a Robot Princess. I don't let them watch commercials so they don't really know what is out there. Sure we've been down the toy aisle but without the commercials, the toys just don't jump out at them like they do other kids. So their imaginations created exactly what they wanted for Christmas. When they first made this request a few weeks ago, I was picturing in my head a little robot like the one from The Jetsons. (I do not know why that particular robot popped in my head!) Anyway, I was picturing a robot like that with a tiara and tutu on. Then it dawned on me that they want a full animatronic robotic princess. Like the animatronic dinosaur robots they saw at the zoo this last summer. Yep, they want a full size Princess that will move and talk. I told them that would be pretty expensive. They said that is why they are asking Santa. They got me there! I still don't think Santa will be bringing a Robot Princess for under our tree.

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