Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PJ Storytime

 Maddie, Madison, Sydney and Izzie at the Smith Public Library

 Sydney, Madison, Izzie and Maddie at the Library for Pajama day storytime!

Izzie, Sydney, Maddie and Madison on the swingset.

Today was storytime at the library and it was a double special day. First off it was letter ZZZZZ for Sleeping Snoring and the kids all got to come in their pajamas. Even the librarians dressed in their PJ's. Secondly it was special because our friend Madison and Sydney Davis (and their Momma, Melanie!) joined us at storytime. Maddie and Izzie took Madison and the three of them sat in the very front row today. Sydney sat in the back with us though. As an extra special treat one of the librarians got out a guitar and even sang a lullaby that fit the "sleepy" theme.

After storytime we came to my house for lunch and play. It was such perfect weather that the kids all went outside and played on the swingset pretty much the entire time they were here. It was great to get to visit with Melanie in the quiet inside while we watched the kids through the window! Our schedules have been so busy lately that we haven't gotten to hang out near as much as we used to, and I think the girls really enjoyed getting to spend time with some of their best friends.

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