Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cabin Trip 2011

This last weekend we finally made it to the family cabin! It's actually a time share unit that my in-laws own and we get to use some of their bonus time, which really, really rocks. It's a perfect little get away tucked in the East Texas woods, miles from any big city. The units are more like little apartments but I like to call them the cabins because of the woodsey feeling the place has. The girls barely remembered our trip from last year so it made this year fun to show it all to them again. We also lucked out because the Activity Center threw a little carnival on Saturday night and that was a lot of fun for the girls.

My intention was to do a bunch of art projects but the girls had so much fun just playing and being in nature that we didn't get to the crafts as much. They have a lot more freedom to explore and all the plants and things were different than what they have at home. They were having so much fun with the pinecones and pine needles. We did finish up a painting project that I threw in the bag as an after thought, but my more elaborate nature crafts... well they just weren't interested this time around. I did save some nice pine cones to turn into bird feeders now that we are home.

We had a great time this last weekend and when I tucked the girls in our third and last night, they said, "Mommy, we were at the cabin for a long, long, long time. It was so much fun." That just gave me warm fuzzies all the way down. I can't wait until we get to go back again!

 Getting ready to leave for the trip. It was a cold and rainy day.

 The girls claimed their room by spreading out their blankets and tucking in their lovies right away.

 Master room.

 This tub is HUGE. The girls LOVE "swimming" in it.

 Unwinding from the drive. Daddy trying his cell phone (we didn't have service for the most part) and Maddie and Izzie organizing where their toys would be for the weekend.

The dining kitchen area. I had the brilliant idea to use this cart. I loaded it up and we put it loaded straight up in the van. That way we didn't have to make as many trips bringing stuff in to the cabin. Since it was raining this was awesome.

 A bit more relaxing right before the girls' bedtime. They did get to stay up late, but they were tired. Daddy, Maddie and Izzie.

 All tucked in. We had to check on them several times because they were in a new place. They kept calling for a million different reasons.

 Izzie and Maddie ready to start their first day.

 We took a bag to hold our treasures we collected as we went on a little walk around the property.

 I showed Izzie and Maddie a Daddy Long Leg Spider. They aren't really spiders but they look like them. I can handle one, but when about 200 of them climb on your mosquito netting when you are about 8 yrs old at girl scout camp... it can be pretty frightening.

 The activity center had decorations up for fall.

Maddie and Izzie loved this big pumpkin.
 It's a simple putt putt course, but it's fun. The girls had a hard time focusing this time. They actually did better last year! (Izzie)

 Maddie would not let us show her how to hold the club.

 Somehow John beat me even one handed. He ended up being the pack mule of our walk. I usually win against him at putt putt but my game was off today!

 The girls wanted to make Pumpkin Cookies with Daddy. Well the cabin has a limited kitchen but I forgot how limited. They didnt' have any measuring spoons and their biggest bowl would not have held all the dough. John was a trooper though and made do with mixing in a pot and literally guessing on the amount of flour. Even so, these cookies were amazing.

 Painting on the porch. (Izzie and Maddie.)

The girls were exploring the forest and found a pinecone with pine needles in it. They looked at it and declared it a Daddy Long Leg Spider Cone. We then had to make an entire family of them.

 Maddie hunting more pineneedles.

view from our cabin.

 Izzie enjoying the freedom of having so much terrain to explore in. I loved that we were next to a dry creek bed. It reminded me of when I was a kid at Mema's house and I used to play in her creek when it was dry.

 Izzie and Maddie.

 Photos of the amazing East Texas trees.

More trees.

Here's Izzie taking a coloring break.

 While Daddy and Maddie read on the couch.

 We played a couple of games of Go Fish for the first time this weekend. Daddy and Maddie were on a team this go around.

 Izzie helped me out.

 Time to Ice those cookies!

Izzie licked the icing right off the knife. We had a talk about knife safety!
 More decorating.
 Careful... yum!

 Fluffiest, yummiest sugar cookies EVER. I'll post the recipe another day.

 TV break. Maddie and Izzie.

Running to the activity center.

 Daddy, Izzie and Maddie.

 Izzie was so excited when she found this little Witches broom!

 Playing toss for prizes.

 Izzie's turn.

 Maddie and Izzie loved the bounce house.

They did it over and over and over.

 I'm impressed. I got two whole photos of me this trip. One I had to ask for and one I took by myself. Love my hubby but he doesn't think to pick up the camera much!  Aren't we cute??

 John suggested they go down arms first on their belly. That was FUN.

 Maddie eating her carnival hot dog.


 Time to go home. It was a fun trip!

Daddy running back for one more souvenir. Izzie dropped her "special" baby pine cone and Daddy went back to find it!

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