Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A bit of this and that

The past week has been a whirlwind. I caught the first head cold I've had in a year and it kicked me in the butt. I got symptoms on last Thursday, but it was just barely. Started with an earache, which was fluid building up. I had a training day at Landmark on Friday and I took some dayquil with me to get through the day. In retrospect I should have not gone, because Saturday I was out for the count. John had the girls all day Friday by himself which wore him out, so Mom and Chris volunteered to watch the girls for a few hours. A few hours turned into all day! Which was MUCH appreciated since I spent the day in bed and John spent the day taking care of me. I actually had flashbacks to my bedrest days!! Sunday I was up and moving a bit more, but not much. Monday I was feeling better but still had no energy. Finally, yesterday I was starting to feel "normal."

It was good that I was finally starting to feel human again since last night was my PAMOM November meeting. Heather Cox and I are in charge of running the Expectant Moms forum and we had a good turn out. We held a question and answer session and it brought me back to the days when I was sitting in the chairs full of questions about giving birth and raising twins! Goosebumps to think I'm running the forum! I remember looking up at the Forum Leaders at that time: Tina Firgens (mom to b/b twins) and Misty Urech (Mom to G/G/G/G quads) and thinking they really had all their stuff together and would I EVER get as confident as they seemed to be! I love having a multiples support group, it really has made a huge difference in my life.

Okay, I'm in a bit of a rambly mood tonight because it's been almost a week since I blogged and so much has happened, and yet... nothing spectacular either. The girls are growing so fast. They are trying to reason with me at every turn. It sometimes is exhausting trying to stay ahead of where they are going mentally. Yep... my two, almost four year olds, wear me out mentally sometimes. Maddie has been trying out, "NO!" a lot lately, which totally doesn't cut it with me. I actually don't mind if my child disagrees with me, but she better use a sentence and come up with another solution that I find reasonable. I actually learned that lesson years ago when I was babysitting as a teenager. I was babysitting this little girl and whenever I suggested anything she'd come up with a counter offer. But she always had sound logic behind her reasoning and I was left thinking, "wow, this kid is smart and is going to grow up to be a lawyer or judge." Her parents didn't teach her to accept NO. Her parents taught her to think and debate. I of course always have the final say. Sometimes my way is the way it is going to go that night, but coming up with alternate solutions can be fun.... yeah... exhausting! I'm actually teaching the girls when I say, "Sometimes you get a choice, but tonight you don't." that means that I won't budge on whatever the topic is and they've learned to mostly not keep debating at that point.

Today we had a playdate at Alison's house. The girls were excited to see all their friends but they were also sad to miss Storytime. We may go to storytime tomorrow, but that one is during naptime, so I'm not sure yet. I don't like missing storytime, but playdates are harder to come by these days as kids are starting Mother's Day Out Programs and Preschools. I love having the girls home with me and I love teaching them preschool activities but I do have to work a bit harder to make sure that they are getting plenty of social time too.

Well here are a few photos:

 The girls are into Ballet lately. They took a 4 wk dance class forever ago and hated it (they were too young and they wouldn't let parents in the dance room, so it was a disaster) but now they are always playing "Ballet." I'll have to see if the rec center has lessons. Maddie Izzie.

 Maddie and Izzie.

 Their play phones have been popular again lately. Maddie told me earlier today, "Mom! I'm on the phone!" and stormed off when I asked her to do something for me!

 The weather has been PERFECT for backyard play and the girls will spend an hour or more playing on their fort. Izzie LOVES the glider. Maddie likes the belt swings.

 Maddie and Izzie playing Rapunzel. They even had to go get towers.

 Playdate this morning. Madison, Melanie, Sydney and Jake. Not pictured is Gabe who isn't into crafting, he was off playing with balls. That kid loves sports like no other kid I've seen.

 What a cute smile, Ford!



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