Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday Plannin'

On the way to gymnastics this morning, the girls started plotting out their birthday party. They decided they wanted a snowman theme. My gut reaction was "that's too christmas-ey!" But with a birthday 5 days before Christmas I guess it is better to embrace a winter theme than spend your life resenting a close to Christmas birthday. They've been fascinated with snowmen for about two weeks now. Ever since I bought them their new fleece jackets (which by the way are striped colors and don't resemble snowmen in anyway except in the immaginations of 3.5 year olds.)
They started talking about doing snowmen art projects to hang on the wall for decoration and they said maybe people would wrap their presents with snowman paper. They want ice cream cake because it's cooold like a snowman! I asked them what they wanted for dinner on their birthday and they started menu planning: chicken wings, corn with tomatoes carrots and yummy bread. They are having a great time being little party planners!

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

I don't know if you usually make the cake for the girls' party, but you could probably make some easy snowman-face cupcakes.  And maybe play "pin the hat / scarf / nose" on the snowman game?

As you said, might as well embrace a December birthday!  :)

Our girls' birthday is January 5.  Last year we did a garden theme...just pretending it was spring already.  Ladybugs this year (at the yogurt shop).  I guess I'm still in the "pretend it's warm weather" mode.  HA!