Sunday, November 13, 2011

Art Table

 Maddie, Purple Bunny, White Teddy and Izzie. PB and WT don't usually get to come downstairs, but both girls were complaining of a tummyache this morning and needed some extra cuddles from their friends.

 I finally took a few minutes to put together an art table feature on their little desk. Just a piece of elastic that I sewed, wrapped around the end and stuck thumbtacks to hold it steady. The desk is from KidKraft.

 On the other end, I put some hooks. I took a dowel and stuck thumbtacks in it. I wrapped the string around the thumbtacks so it doesn't slip off too easily. The roll out paper of fairies I got at Target. I have another roll of plain paper I got at IKEA. Anyone know where else to get rolls of plain white paper? IKEA isn't that easy for me to get to!

 Maddie and Izzie excited to color on their new "new" art table!

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