Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Wish List

As December gets closer, well... tomorrow.. the girls Christmas wishlist gets longer. So far a few of the tops are:
Robot Princess
Movies of books they've read
Princess Castles
Coloring Books
Reading Books

I say... that's a decent list. Still haven't figured out that Robot Princess thing yet...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Where is the switch

Izzie started to cry and throw a fit.
Maddie: Momma I don't want sissy to be crying.
Me: I don't either honey.
Maddie: well we can't just turn her off!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Snowmen

As I mentioned before, the girls want a Snowman Themed Birthday party so I figured that we'd go the homemade decorations route and make snowmen galore to decorate the house with. This is a "snowglobe" snowman. I taped a ziplock bag full of glitter to the inside of the snowmans tummy. This is the snowman I made as an example. Plus I wanted to have fun too!
 I bought this clear jar at Hobby Lobby on sale for $2.50 and painted him up to be a cute snowman, don't you think?

 This is Maddie's puff ball snowman.

 This one is Izzie's.

This is Maddie and Izzie's Snowglobe Snowmen. They did a lot of this themselves. I cut out the tummy hole & stapled the plates together. They did all the gluing of the pieces.

Friday, November 25, 2011


 Beautiful day to enjoy playdough outside!

Lots of cooking going on!

 A few peeks and grabs of bites to eat.

 Reminisicing over past turkeys.

 Laying out the spread.

 Watching tv with the cousins in Grandma and Grandpa's bed.

 Hugs for Grandma

 Cousin love.

 I can't wait to recreate this one in a few years!

 Grandpa's girls.

More cousins.

What a beautiful holiday we had. I'm Thankful for all the family in my life. The ones I got to spend the holiday with and the ones celebrating the holiday in different cities. The web of my family is extensive and I love that. And while I missed the family that wasn't close at hand, I knew they were with me in my heart and I was in theirs.


Maddie, Izzie, Madison and Sydney.

Last Tuesday Maddie and Izzie's friends Madison and Sydney came over to play while their mom attended a funeral. It was a lot of fun having playmates over for the girls. They just had a great time and they did everything together. First the played princess stuff, all taking turns and sharing. Then collectively they decided to clean that all up and color together. Next came dress up, then a show on tv. By that time it was lunch and Melanie returned shortly after lunch. The morning went by in a breeze.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Snowmen and Christmas Requests

Izzie and Maddie

The weather this month has been pretty funny. One day it's shorts and t-shirt weather and the next day the girls are bundled up like snowmen. I need to take a photo of them bundled up because this "snowman" thing has taken on a life of it's own. They are now Snowmen most of the day. In the photos above, do they look like little girls? Perhaps Princesses? Nope. They are SNOWMEN, dressed up like a Princess to trick everyone. Gotta love the imagination of almost four year olds!

The snowman craze started when I bought them some fleeces a few weeks ago. I guess they felt so cozy they just felt like snowmen. But now they talk about snowmen all day and they are excited about the snowman themed birthday party they are having in a few weeks.

Oh, and those imaginations? They've asked Santa for a Robot Princess. I don't let them watch commercials so they don't really know what is out there. Sure we've been down the toy aisle but without the commercials, the toys just don't jump out at them like they do other kids. So their imaginations created exactly what they wanted for Christmas. When they first made this request a few weeks ago, I was picturing in my head a little robot like the one from The Jetsons. (I do not know why that particular robot popped in my head!) Anyway, I was picturing a robot like that with a tiara and tutu on. Then it dawned on me that they want a full animatronic robotic princess. Like the animatronic dinosaur robots they saw at the zoo this last summer. Yep, they want a full size Princess that will move and talk. I told them that would be pretty expensive. They said that is why they are asking Santa. They got me there! I still don't think Santa will be bringing a Robot Princess for under our tree.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Indoor Picnic

Today our lunch plans got canceled at the last minute so we decided to change things up a bit. I had a lunch packed for them so I suggested a picnic upstairs which is something we've never done. They had a fun time!(Maddie and Izzie.)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PJ Storytime

 Maddie, Madison, Sydney and Izzie at the Smith Public Library

 Sydney, Madison, Izzie and Maddie at the Library for Pajama day storytime!

Izzie, Sydney, Maddie and Madison on the swingset.

Today was storytime at the library and it was a double special day. First off it was letter ZZZZZ for Sleeping Snoring and the kids all got to come in their pajamas. Even the librarians dressed in their PJ's. Secondly it was special because our friend Madison and Sydney Davis (and their Momma, Melanie!) joined us at storytime. Maddie and Izzie took Madison and the three of them sat in the very front row today. Sydney sat in the back with us though. As an extra special treat one of the librarians got out a guitar and even sang a lullaby that fit the "sleepy" theme.

After storytime we came to my house for lunch and play. It was such perfect weather that the kids all went outside and played on the swingset pretty much the entire time they were here. It was great to get to visit with Melanie in the quiet inside while we watched the kids through the window! Our schedules have been so busy lately that we haven't gotten to hang out near as much as we used to, and I think the girls really enjoyed getting to spend time with some of their best friends.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The joy of toys

The majority of this morning was spent "not cleaning the family room." I think it's a new game that the girls have invented. A while back I bought the girls a dollhouse at a consignment store and it came with 50+ pieces!!! And since then I've bought even more pieces to add to the collection. They LOVE this dollhouse so all those pieces are worth it. It's just sometimes pieces of anything drive me crazy. This morning the family room needed some attention and it took a bunch of convincing for the girls to pick it up.

More than several months ago, I realized I liked sleeping in, and the girls woke up excited to start their day before I did. This was not working, so I came up with a PLAN. I bought a Teach Me Time Toddler Clock. It turns green when it's time to wake up. So the plan was to teach the girls that when the clock turned green, they could go in the family room and play with their dollhouse while Momma (that's me) could peel her eyelids open at a more leisurely rate. The family room is outside of my room so I could hear them playing but for the most part I could tune them out and catch an extra 15 minutes of sleep. This plan actually works really well most days.

But back to those pieces. The dollhouse gets played with pretty much every day. There are only 3 toys in the family room. Books, the dollhouse and a set of duplo big legos. When implementing my PLAN I did not implement "clean up dollhouse toys before we go downstairs." This has backfired. They do not like it when I tell them family room is getting ridiculous and it needs to be cleaned. Today I told them we had a new rule and that they had to clean up from now on. This was met with much resistance. It took close to two hours but the family room did get cleaned. (All the books were on the floor, the legos were spread across the entire room and all those pieces... they must have given birth and multiplied... they were EVERYWHERE.

But I'm happy to report the family room is all shiny and clean right now. You could even hold a dance across the floor. The problem is tomorrow morning when that clock turns green and I hear the CRASH of those pieces hitting the floor, I have to keep my blood pressure normalized. How else are they going to play? They've got to get to the pieces! And then even though, I just want to go downstairs and start the day, I'm going to have to take a deep breath and we are going to clean up the dollhouse.

See, now there is a second part of my PLAN. It's called moving the downstairs toy room to the upstairs family room. The nightmare is having 90% of their toys upstairs. If we do not create a new cleaning system this could be horrific. Like I said, they have 3 toys up there right now and it gets to looking like a hurricane hit it, I can only imagine what it's going to look like if all their toys are up there.

By the way, they do remarkably good at playing with one toy at a time and cleaning up after themselves downstairs where I keep a closer eye on them. But they are growing up and things change. Wasn't it just yesterday we had gates up all around our house?? I was terrified of removing the gate thinking that the toys would be everywhere! But we adapted and life goes on. I both love and hate change!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Feeding the Ducks

 Maddie and Izzie about to feed the ducks at Breckinridge Park today.

 It was a gorgeous morning, actually leaning to the warm side. I wished I had worn shorts and both girls were complaining of sweaty feet by the end of the morning! But we had a fun time, we've visited this park a few times and I always forget to bring bread. This time we stopped at Walgreens and got a 99cent loaf on the way to the park!

My favorite game. Spa Day!

Our Next Trip

Izzie: Momma, when we are a bit older, can we get in an airplane and go visit Winnie the Pooh?
Me: Hum, but I don't know where Winnie the Pooh lives!
Izzie: Oh, he lives in the Acre Woods!
Me: Oh yeah, I forgot. You sure are right.
Izzie: We'll knock on his door and say, "HI Pooh! We are here to visit you!"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Art Table

 Maddie, Purple Bunny, White Teddy and Izzie. PB and WT don't usually get to come downstairs, but both girls were complaining of a tummyache this morning and needed some extra cuddles from their friends.

 I finally took a few minutes to put together an art table feature on their little desk. Just a piece of elastic that I sewed, wrapped around the end and stuck thumbtacks to hold it steady. The desk is from KidKraft.

 On the other end, I put some hooks. I took a dowel and stuck thumbtacks in it. I wrapped the string around the thumbtacks so it doesn't slip off too easily. The roll out paper of fairies I got at Target. I have another roll of plain paper I got at IKEA. Anyone know where else to get rolls of plain white paper? IKEA isn't that easy for me to get to!

 Maddie and Izzie excited to color on their new "new" art table!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The right shoe makes the difference!

Izzie: Mom can you help me put on Dora's shoes?
Me: Okay.
Izzie: Dora wants to save the Kingdom but she can't unless she has shoes on!

Friday, November 11, 2011


I had a lot of fun with today's date today. I don't know why it tickled me but I loved the thought of 11/11/11. I even set my phone alarm for 11/11/11 at 11:11am so I wouldn't miss it! Then the other day I read that someone was going to make a wish at that time so I wanted to make a wish then too. I even got the girls in on it, but we need to work on their wishing skills. They both just wished for a cookie.

John's back in town, he left on Tuesday for a trip to Seattle. Mom was able to help out a bunch, but I'm still tired and glad he's back home. This afternoon I decided to get my bike out again and go for a bike ride. The weather was absolutely perfect for a leisurely bike ride on the trail in our neighborhood. I actually had to stop several times and take photos because everything was just so beautiful today! I wish I had my real camera with me instead of just my phone.

 This was Izzie and Maddie at storytime yesterday. Apparently the Thursday class is a lot smaller than the Wednesday one! There was only 8 or so kids in the class and Izzie and Maddie sat right up front. I guess with less kids they were more comfortable. Those are the librarians Ms. Veronica and Ms. Alyssa. 

 Photos from my bike ride....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday Plannin'

On the way to gymnastics this morning, the girls started plotting out their birthday party. They decided they wanted a snowman theme. My gut reaction was "that's too christmas-ey!" But with a birthday 5 days before Christmas I guess it is better to embrace a winter theme than spend your life resenting a close to Christmas birthday. They've been fascinated with snowmen for about two weeks now. Ever since I bought them their new fleece jackets (which by the way are striped colors and don't resemble snowmen in anyway except in the immaginations of 3.5 year olds.)
They started talking about doing snowmen art projects to hang on the wall for decoration and they said maybe people would wrap their presents with snowman paper. They want ice cream cake because it's cooold like a snowman! I asked them what they wanted for dinner on their birthday and they started menu planning: chicken wings, corn with tomatoes carrots and yummy bread. They are having a great time being little party planners!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A bit of this and that

The past week has been a whirlwind. I caught the first head cold I've had in a year and it kicked me in the butt. I got symptoms on last Thursday, but it was just barely. Started with an earache, which was fluid building up. I had a training day at Landmark on Friday and I took some dayquil with me to get through the day. In retrospect I should have not gone, because Saturday I was out for the count. John had the girls all day Friday by himself which wore him out, so Mom and Chris volunteered to watch the girls for a few hours. A few hours turned into all day! Which was MUCH appreciated since I spent the day in bed and John spent the day taking care of me. I actually had flashbacks to my bedrest days!! Sunday I was up and moving a bit more, but not much. Monday I was feeling better but still had no energy. Finally, yesterday I was starting to feel "normal."

It was good that I was finally starting to feel human again since last night was my PAMOM November meeting. Heather Cox and I are in charge of running the Expectant Moms forum and we had a good turn out. We held a question and answer session and it brought me back to the days when I was sitting in the chairs full of questions about giving birth and raising twins! Goosebumps to think I'm running the forum! I remember looking up at the Forum Leaders at that time: Tina Firgens (mom to b/b twins) and Misty Urech (Mom to G/G/G/G quads) and thinking they really had all their stuff together and would I EVER get as confident as they seemed to be! I love having a multiples support group, it really has made a huge difference in my life.

Okay, I'm in a bit of a rambly mood tonight because it's been almost a week since I blogged and so much has happened, and yet... nothing spectacular either. The girls are growing so fast. They are trying to reason with me at every turn. It sometimes is exhausting trying to stay ahead of where they are going mentally. Yep... my two, almost four year olds, wear me out mentally sometimes. Maddie has been trying out, "NO!" a lot lately, which totally doesn't cut it with me. I actually don't mind if my child disagrees with me, but she better use a sentence and come up with another solution that I find reasonable. I actually learned that lesson years ago when I was babysitting as a teenager. I was babysitting this little girl and whenever I suggested anything she'd come up with a counter offer. But she always had sound logic behind her reasoning and I was left thinking, "wow, this kid is smart and is going to grow up to be a lawyer or judge." Her parents didn't teach her to accept NO. Her parents taught her to think and debate. I of course always have the final say. Sometimes my way is the way it is going to go that night, but coming up with alternate solutions can be fun.... yeah... exhausting! I'm actually teaching the girls when I say, "Sometimes you get a choice, but tonight you don't." that means that I won't budge on whatever the topic is and they've learned to mostly not keep debating at that point.

Today we had a playdate at Alison's house. The girls were excited to see all their friends but they were also sad to miss Storytime. We may go to storytime tomorrow, but that one is during naptime, so I'm not sure yet. I don't like missing storytime, but playdates are harder to come by these days as kids are starting Mother's Day Out Programs and Preschools. I love having the girls home with me and I love teaching them preschool activities but I do have to work a bit harder to make sure that they are getting plenty of social time too.

Well here are a few photos:

 The girls are into Ballet lately. They took a 4 wk dance class forever ago and hated it (they were too young and they wouldn't let parents in the dance room, so it was a disaster) but now they are always playing "Ballet." I'll have to see if the rec center has lessons. Maddie Izzie.

 Maddie and Izzie.

 Their play phones have been popular again lately. Maddie told me earlier today, "Mom! I'm on the phone!" and stormed off when I asked her to do something for me!

 The weather has been PERFECT for backyard play and the girls will spend an hour or more playing on their fort. Izzie LOVES the glider. Maddie likes the belt swings.

 Maddie and Izzie playing Rapunzel. They even had to go get towers.

 Playdate this morning. Madison, Melanie, Sydney and Jake. Not pictured is Gabe who isn't into crafting, he was off playing with balls. That kid loves sports like no other kid I've seen.

 What a cute smile, Ford!