Sunday, October 9, 2011

Really too much for one post...

I really have way too much content for one post, but I'm going to put it all in anyway, because it's my blog, and my rules. We've (okay, I) have been a homebody much of the past week, but we've still been having a lot of fun enjoying our backyard and doing arts and crafts around the home. We did go to our usual story time on Wednesday and Gymnastics on Thursday. Yesterday we went over to my moms house to give John some quiet time since he caught a cold. Mom had a fun surprise for the girls to play with (more on that in a bit.) I've been up to my usual craftiness this last week. My focus has been out of the kitchen (which I still love) but my creative juices haven't been on new recipes but new sewing projects. I can't wait to share all of them, but a bunch are Christmas gifts so they can't be posted for a very, very long time! Here are some of the photos from our week, and you know... a photo sums up more than words... so here you go...

 Izzie and Maddie at gymnastics with Coach Katie.

 Izzie is doing a Donkey Kick here. Sometimes she gets so exuberant that she flips ALL the way over.

 Maddie and Izzie in the backyard before bedtime. One day, I hope... they really get that this is one of the most awesome aspects of being a twin. Having someone to ride the glider/seesaw with you.  I used to BEG my  mom for a twin sister so that I'd have someone to do this with me. She did eventually give me a baby sister, but then I had to wait YEARS for her to be big enough to ride the glider and by then I was over it!

 This is a picture of me, by Izzie.

 This is a picture of Daddy, by Izzie. Both girls share a very similar artistic style. I'll have to photograph one of Maddie's works soon.

 Now the surprise my Mom had for the girls (me.) Old fruit and vegetables that needed to go in the compost became toys for the morning! Please meet, Mr. Cucumber Head.

 Mr. Wide Cucumber Head (with upside down eyes)

 Popo and Izzie


 Mrs. AppleHead
 Maddie painting a little wooden car.


Maddie and Izzie

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