Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quiet Boxes

The girls are starting to give up naps. I'm impressed we made it to almost age four, which was my goal for naps. The past couple of weeks they have been taking sporadic naps, Maddie more often than Izzie. I've been requiring quiet time even if they don't nap by giving them books to read. But that has been getting old, especially for Izzie who hasn't been napping as often. Then my mom saw this idea about Quiet Boxes. Another blogger set up one Quiet Box for every day of the week for her little girl. I loved the idea and quickly have gone to work on making some. It takes some creativity to come up with ideas that will work for your child. For instance, one of her suggestions was play-doh. There is no way I'd ever put play-doh in a quiet box for my kids at this age. My girls when playing with play-doh go all out. Last time they made 100 "cookies" for their lovies. This meant they tore the play-doh into itty-bitty bits for each cookie.

But play-doh aside, there are a million other ideas that can be used. I'm trying to do mostly homemade games with a some store bought things thrown in there too. I got each bucket at the dollar store for one dollar each. You can also use shoeboxes. I'm only putting 4 or 5 things in each quiet box and I'm still giving them some books at each quiet time too. The first day I had them "nap" for about 45 minutes before giving them their boxes, but the second day they were too excited to play with their boxes again that trying to make them nap first did not work. So I'm just going with the flow and we'll see how this all plays out. Yesterday they were upstairs in their own quiet spaces (Maddie in the guest room, Izzie in their bedroom) for about an hour and half. Here are two of the games I have, I'll post photos of others soon.

 Shadow Matching Cards. Can be used just to match or as a memory game.

Letter Matching.


MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

This is such a great idea!  (And I always love seeing the "games" you come up with for your girls, too!)

Quick question...your girls share a room, right?  How long have you been separating them for nap time?  I've read about several MoMs doing that...and I can definitely foresee it in our future.  I just don't want to do it before I have to, as it will require some maneuvering in the house...and - at least for a while - I know it would be such a novelty that I surely wouldn't get any naps out of the girls!

dittdott said...

Thanks Mandy! I have fun coming up with the games and I'm getting a ton of inspiration off of Pinterest lately! (Are you on it?

I want to say I started separating them around 2.5 almost 3...but I can't find it in the blog and my memory is fuzzy. I know it wasn't too long after we got their toddler beds and that was at 2.5 yrs. Actually it worked wonders for us. They were not napping, just playing, singing and dancing during naptime. (they don't have any toys in their room except a few stuffed animals and different sized baby blankets.) One day I was so frustrated. John thought they were ready to give up naps, but I thought they were too young and still needed them. Out of desperation I pulled Maddie out of the room and into the guest room. I didn't even baby proof it (but she isn't one to get into things.)

That day they both slept 3 hours and I had to wake them up. It was AMAZING since it'd been a couple of weeks of fighting nap. Ever since then naps haven't been perfect but they were pretty consistent. Just recently they are napping less and less so I'm now pretty sure they are done with them for most days. BUT I still want rest/quiet time each day!