Sunday, October 16, 2011

Picnic at Lake Lavon

This afternoon Mom, Chris, the girls and I all went to Lake Lavon for a picnic dinner. John was going to go too, but his allergies hit him bad this afternoon and he basically spent the entire afternoon feeling miserable. That was after he took care of me this morning because I was feeling miserable from a migraine. Just as I started feeling better, he started feeling worse. I almost canceled our lake plans, but I'm glad I pressed on. We had a really good time, the weather was more than perfect. It was absolutely gorgeous outside. I took SEVENTY photos. I think I have an editing problem.

The girls were so excited and they had fun collecting sticks, leaves and looking at the different types of weeds and small flowers. There was a playground, but we never made it over there. After we had our picnic dinner, Chris and I took the girls down to the lake. I didn't bring flip flops or water shoes so it was treacherous trying to walk down to the lake over the rocky terrain. But we made it. The girls didn't flip out when they got mud on their feet and neither girl got upset when their pants got wet. Izzie even fell down once. They have made HUGE strides since last summer where the mud really upset them. They still don't like their clothes getting wet but they are getting better at tolerating that too. Chris and I couldn't get too close to the lake because it was quick sand at about 3 feet from the edge of the water. The girls were light enough that they could stand on top of it, but I sunk down past my ankles. Explaining quicksand isn't easy!

(Izzie is in the pink bunny shirt and Maddie is in the white shirt.)

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