Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Morning at the Spa

Ah... I just finished a spa treatment. The facility is pretty new so they don't have a massage table. The masseuses directed me to lay on the floor and gave me a couch pillow for my head. They then rolled up my sleeves and yoga pants, took off my socks and shoes and started giving me a massage with lotion. Well, actually they did need a little help with the lotion bottles, but like I said, the spa is pretty new and the masseuses haven't gone through too much training yet. I'm sure they were hired because they have really great conversation skills and delicate hands. Sometimes too delicate because they tickled my feet unmercifully and thought that it was hilarious. During my massage the two masseuses got into a bit of a squabble, but I didn't mind breaking it up. They quickly went back to work, rubbing the lotion on my arms and slathering it on my back. At the end of the session they were quite proud of themselves, but needed a bit help cleaning up. They had lotion pretty thick in between all their fingers and when they were done they were DONE. A towel helped get rid of the extra lotion quick enough. I smell like a field of wild cherry blossoms now. A really dense field, I think half a bottle of lotion was used in all. But I still tipped my masseuses and told them they did a great job and that I loved them both so much!

Izzie and Maddie, Massage Therapists.

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

That's awesome!  You really had me going for the first half of the story!  Hahaha!!!