Thursday, October 6, 2011

Loving Fall

I absolutely love the weather we've been having lately. If it weren't for the mosquitoes that we seem to be having a problem with this fall, it'd be perfect! I've never noticed much of a mosquito problem before in Dallas but I think every single one in a 20 mile radius is attracted to Maddie and Izzie. My homemade bugspray is working pretty well, but you have to spray it all over them and well, I send them outside in clothes but within 15 minutes they are stripped down to their birthday suit just enjoying life like nothing else. So we are getting bites in unexpected places! But that hasn't stopped them, they are spending so much time playing in the backyard.

On Tuesday we went to the park, very spontaneously. I wish I had thought to bring bread for the geese, but we still had fun watching them. They played on the park equipment for about half an hour and they were ready to walk down to the pond. There was a huge flock of geese, some ducks, a crane, and a bunch of black birds. We just sat on the banks watching all the wild life for another half hour before we headed out to eat lunch. Again, I wish I had planned it better so we could have had a picnic, but it was still a fun day. I stopped by Pei Wei to get food and asked the girls if they wanted to eat at the restaurant or at home. They said, "At home!" I asked why and Izzie said, "Because I don't think this restaurant has any fruit!" They love their fruit that is for sure!

Yesterday was storytime. The letter of the week was F. So on the way to the library we came up with lots of F words. (Yeah, that sounds funny.) They are really getting good at coming up with their own words each week and not just agreeing to the ones I come up with. When we got to the library they saw Mrs. Dia and they ran over to her and gave her a big hug. I'm so glad to see them bonding with the librarians! Mrs Dia was their first storytime reader, but she hasn't done it for our session in a while. We've been going to Mrs. Debbie who is just as awesome.

Today is gymnastics. They are getting more comfortable with their new gym now. It took several weeks, but they are participating in the beginning circle time and warm up dance. That was different than their old gym and they had a hard time adjusting. Coach Katie needs a bit more experience directing the little kids, but she does okay. The girls still get a lot out of her class and they are learning new skills all the time.

 Izzie fell down and Maddie is leaning in to kiss her boo-boo.

 Maddie and Izzie digging for rocks.

 Izzie watching the geese.

 We started trying to skip rocks (or well, just chunk them in) and the geese thought we were throwing bread!

Izzie and Maddie after the bath with Daddy.

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