Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Costume... Unveiled!

Time for the unveiling of this year's Halloween Costumes! Maddie and Izzie both wanted to be Mermaids and so about a month ago I took them to the fabric store to go shopping. They picked out their own fabric. I was nervous to start sewing because I didn't have a pattern but I was pretty sure I could figure it out. This is my first outfit to sew without a pattern and I think they came out great! The girls both love the outfits too. I got some dollar store jewelry to make them even more sparkly and painted their nails blue. When I pulled out the eyeshadow this morning they were so excited to get to wear makeup for the first time. I did sew head pieces for them to Izzie's exact specifications but they got boo'd this morning. Oh well.

We got dressed up this morning for the PAMOM annual Costume Parade. There was a lot less turnout this year than in past years, but we still had fun. Jake and Ford were both Texas Rangers and they looked adorable. Madison and Sydney came as ballerinas. Elle and Sydney came as pirates and their brother came as Luigi IN a car (Super Mario Cart!) There were some little monsters, the three little pigs, punk stars and more. It was so much fun to see all the kids dressed up.

And for a trip down memory lane...
PAMOM Parade 2010 Link
PAMOM Parade 2009 Link
PAMOM Parade 2008 Link

 Izzie and Maddie

 Sydney, Madison, Izzie and Maddie.

 Aaron, Sydney and Elle.

And nothing to do with the PAMOM parade, but it was SUPER foggy outside this morning!

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