Sunday, October 16, 2011

Five Senses Game

I am so excited about this! It was one of those ideas that kept morphing until I think it turned into something pretty cool. I think if I had a more final plan from the beginning I would have perhaps done cuter graphics, but this still turned out pretty cool and I didn't spend all that much time on it.

The idea started with an activity saw on Pinterest. It was for older kids and it had a list of things that each sense used under a flap of a photo of that sense. I thought it would be neat to do it with pictures, since we've been talking about our senses. But then, I wanted something more interactive than just flipping up one card to see a few pictures under it. So I thought I'd make some pockets and flashcards and have the girls put the cards in each pocket. As I was working on the graphics, and printing; it dawned on me that if I could do this in fabric it'd be even more fun.

So I printed the graphics on fabric, cut them out and started sewing. I wanted to keep it super simple since I did 20 "tokens" and the five pockets for the senses. And I want to make one for each girl. Although after finishing the first game, I kind of think this may be something that we only need one of, at least for awhile. Sometimes deciding if you need one or two of something is a hard call with twins. I originally was making this for their quiet boxes, but I think it's going to be too hard for a while since we have just started talking about the senses and they aren't good at naming them yet. So for right now, we'll play this game together. 

The five senses are sewed as one long strip with five pockets. Each of the "tokens" has a marble in it to give it some heft and make it easier to stuff down in the pocket. I sewed up a super simple drawstring bag to store the entire game in. I can't wait to show the girls tomorrow!!

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