Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costume Story Time at the Wylie Library

 This is a great trick to keep kids happy and busy for a long, long time. Make up a batch of sidewalk paint (mix cornstarch, water and food coloring to your preferred thickness) and let the kids go to town painting the fence, deck, rocks, whatever. It washes right off in the rain or sprinklers. (It dries darker than it goes on.)

 Today was costume day at the Library storytime. Both girls were super excited to get to put their Mermaid costumes on again and show them off. Here is Maddie and Izzie reading before storytime. Making a costume that is "wearable" is important.

Riley, Maddie and Izzie. (photo by: Ashlea Petzold)

 They sat in the front row today, encouraged by their new friend Riley (in the pink princess outfit next to Maddie.) Riley is a super sweet girl who isn't shy at all! And I say that in the best way, she is absolutely adorable.
 Mrs. Debbie the nice witch.

 Mrs. Veronica and one of our new children's librarians that I haven't learned their name yet.

Puppet show!

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