Monday, October 10, 2011

Awesome Dad Award

So tonight... before the bunny incident, I was giving the girls a bath. They were finishing up playing and I was in their room (right across the hall where I can keep an eye on them) straightening it up for bedtime. Maddie accidentally flung her Winnie The Pooh figurine out of the bathtub and it landed behind the toilet. She called out, "My Pooh-Pooh!" just as John came up the stairs. I called out to him, "Hey sweetie, can you get Maddie's Pooh from behind the toilet?" I said it without EVEN thinking of how that sounded. Without even flinching, questioning or anything of the sort, he goes in the bathroom to look for the "pooh." He said he couldn't find it and I said, "Well she said she flung it behind the toilet." At this point it dawned on me that he was looking for POOP. I said, "Her WINNIE the Pooh!" and then I assured him that he was the best dad ever, to look for "flung pooh" without even flinching. 100 points to John.

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