Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Park Weather!

 Yesterday I took the girls to Pirate's Cove Park in Wylie, Texas. We used to come here when the girls were little (there is a baby section of the park) but it's been closed for a year and a half for construction around the park. This time we got to play in the big kid part! This park isn't that easy to find in the first place, but they moved the entrance and I ended up on some service road trying to find the parking lot. It was quite hilarious. I ended up having to get two maintenance workers to move their trucks and show me how to get out of the "restricted" area that I somehow got us into. Appropriately I need to figure out who is in charge of Parks and Recreation in Wylie and write them a letter about proper signage! We did make it to the park and the girls had a great time. It's pretty big and they didn't even know where to start!

Maddie climbing the spider web.
 Izzie. This was challenging enough to be very fun, but not too much that it was frustrating.

 My girls love "spinning wheels" as they call them and this one was BIG and made rain noises when you turned it. Way cool.

 They loved all the nooks and crannies this park has and called them "houses."

 Isn't it GREAT to have a twin sister? Izzie is helping Maddie on the moving balance beam.

 Maddie helping Izzie.

 This was almost too challenging for them, but they made it across!

 Park in the morning, over to Nanna's house to ride tricycles in the afternoon.  Here is Izzie.

 Love this shot!

 Taking time to draw some funny faces on rocks with chalk.

 Making Soaked Wheat Pancakes for breakfast this morning. Maddie is taking her turn in stirring the batter. We learned a new word. Gloppy. 

Izzie. By the way, this whisk I got for Christmas this last year from my mother-in-law is awesome for stirring batters. It is just right in breaking up everything without overworking the batter.

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