Friday, September 2, 2011

More File Folder Games

I just finished this file folder game, can't wait to show the girls after naptime! I took one of their favorite stories, and scanned a few of the pages. They will have to put the images in order (the are all velcroed down.) I think they are going to really like this one!

I also did a map of the United States file folder game the other day. The background is a black and white simple map, and I printed off seven states in color for them to learn. They wanted more pieces! But I told them lets learn these seven states first and then we can add in more as we go!

If anyone is interested in buying the graphics for either of these FileFolder Games, let me know. You will get you the images as jpgs or PDFs for you to print. You will have to print, cut out the pieces and assemble on your own file folder. Laminating makes the images stronger but you can print on card stock too. Velcro makes them more portable, but isn't necessary.

Map: $10 (You can specify up to 8 states you want me to include, $1 more per state after that.)

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