Monday, September 26, 2011

More creative outpouring

What have we been up to lately? I can't believe I haven't posted since last Wednesday! I guess I've just been busy living life. Like I posted recently on my Happiness post, I've just got so many ideas popping in my head that I can't keep up. I haven't been at my computer as much lately the past few days. If I have a spare 10 or 15 minutes you'll find me up in my art room. I'm crafting like crazy. I'm working on prototypes for things that I eventually want to start selling. Some of the things I've been working on are personalized towels, kid friendly picture frames for art work, cute pin cushions and more. My sewing machine is getting some serious mileage. It needs an odometer!

I even planned simple recipes to do in the kitchen this week because I'm so focused on art room that I'm not in a cooking "space." (As followers of The Frickin Chicken probably have noticed!) I even took out time to create a fun space for the girls to spend time with me in the art room. I painted an old dry erase board that no longer erased with chalkboard paint so they have a chalkboard to play with. I put little desks in there and crayons and colored pencils. I'm working on a cute storage system for their space but am gathering supplies to make it happen. And since I need a clock in that room and the girls have been loving to talk about time, I'm making a clock designed just for a toddler. I saw the idea on the internet somewhere and adapted it to my liking. I glued a hummingbird on the very fast second hand, a turtle on the slow hour hand and a bunny on the minute hand. I'll post a photo when it is complete. I know the girls are going to love it!

Over the weekend, John's parents came over to visit and help us install the dishwasher they bought for us. That was a huge surprise and we are so thankful for it! I was super impressed with both Tom and John with their installation attitudes. Both of these men are known for getting more than a bit frustrated with projects that don't go smoothly. But there wasn't a cross word said during the entire process, which included water spewing across the entire kitchen, up on the ceiling and almost flooding the floor. Besides that, mishap, it went smoothly and now I have a new shiny dishwasher! 

Today is my Mom's birthday! We went to Hobby Lobby with her this morning to browse around and gather art supplies. Then we met Chris for lunch. We took the girls to Dim Sum for the first time. Since it wasn't like anything they were used to, we tried to explain what it was like before we got there. Dim Sum is sort of like Chinese Tappas or Appetizers. The waitresses push around carts and on the carts are little plates that have only about 4 small bites/dumplings on each one. You pay per plate. What we forgot to mention to the girls is that they don't serve silverware to the adults. When the girls saw all of us pick up chopsticks and start eating they were completely shocked. They could NOT figure out why we were eating with sticks! I told them we'd get them some little kid chopsticks so they could practice!

Tomorrow I'm going to tour a Montessori school that is nearby. My sister is a Montessori Teacher (unfortunately not close by) and I've learned a lot about the Montessori methods over the past couple of years through her. I really, really love everything I've learned about Montessori. Unfortunately they are usually expensive, but I'm going to see what the actual cost is and if perhaps there is scholarships, sibling discounts, ect. This is just an inquiry, right now our plan is to keep the girls home during pre-school. I am doing lessons with them often to get them ready for kindergarten. Anyway, it's a fun activity for us tomorrow!

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