Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to Grandpa!

 Maddie and Izzie enjoying a windy day.

 Maddie and Izzie showing off their NEW leotards. I had to get a size 6, apparently leotards are sized differently than normal clothes. Even these 6's didn't leave THAT much growing in room! But they are made of a velvety fabric and the girls love how soft they are.

 I was excited to find coordinating leotards at Kid-to-Kid!
 Maddie and Izzie playing at Nanna's house today.

 My latest project! I made the girls each their own bath/beach towel. I had a towel similar to this growing up and I still have mine. I took the girls to the fabric store and they each picked out their colors. Maddie surprised me with this blue patterned fabric, but I love it!

 Izzie chose plain pink, so I tried to snazzy it up with blue thread and a green towel.

Is it already the end of the weekend? It was a fun and productive weekend at least! The girls and John spent the day together yesterday while I went to a training at Landmark. They had a really good time together and even went out for ice cream after naptime. They both told me this morning that they had Birthday Cake Ice Cream with M&M's, Cherries and Peanut Butter Cups. It was the highlight of their day with Daddy. My highlight was coming home to a deliciously cooked steak! What a terrific husband! Who could ask for more?

Today the girls and I went over to Nanna's house to learn how to can peaches. Except we never got that far. Canning peaches is apparently a very involved project. We did end up peeling half a case of peaches and we made a peach crumble. We started cooking the peach butter, but it wasn't finished by the time we needed to head home for some rest. We are going back over there tomorrow morning to finish our project. I brought home a bunch of peaches to turn into peach "raisins" and peach fruit leather in my dehydrator.

Shout out to Tom Dittlinger, my wonderful father-in-law. Today is his birthday! Happy Birthday, we all love you!

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