Sunday, August 28, 2011

Your Patatu is showing

Popo's parents came to visit him and my mom this last weekend. They brought their almost two year old grandson, Alex, along with them. He is a cutie for sure! On Friday we went over for hamburgers and visiting and Alex had a gift for the girls. Very super sweet of him! They each got a pair of pajamas (one penguin and one zebra) and they each got a Patatu. We've been pronouncing it Pa-tutu, but maybe it is is Pata-tu. Who knows, either way it is the most adorable leotard/dress thingy ever. The girls have been LIVING in them since Friday, except for Holly's Baptism last night where I made them where their yellow sundresses, but believe me, they did try to convince me that church was a perfectly acceptable place for a patatu.
Izzie and Maddie in their Patatus.

 Maddie, Alex and Izzie.

 Some over the hip action from Maddie.

Ring Around the Rosie in Patatus!

Thank you Alex for such wonderful gifts!

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