Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Up for some philosophy, anyone?

I'm really loving my early morning over the monitor conversations from when the girls first wake up. For one thing what amazes me is that they go from sound asleep to WIDE awake in the space of .2 seconds. Amazing, us adults can learn something about getting enough sleep from toddlers. Anyway, on to the conversation of the day:

Izzie: OH NO! It's DARK in here.
Maddie: Yeah, our lamp isn't working!
Izzie: What happened? It must have died.
Maddie: NO. Lights don't die, trees die if they don't get enough water!
Izzie: Well this light is DEAD.
Maddie: Lights don't DIE, they burn out!!!! (I'm trying to emphasize the passion behind their words.)
Izzie: Well, maybe but this light sure isn't ON right now!!!

And then off they went to go play.

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