Monday, August 29, 2011

Photo catch up!

 Izzie and Maddie asked the other day if they could have a "special" lunch. I asked what they wanted to do that was special. They wanted to listen to a book on CD at their table in the toy room. Sticking to routine most days makes a lunch like this super special! (Does it date me that I want to say Book on Tape? And am I old fashioned for still using CD's instead of all MP3's?)

 Maddie and Izzie pretending to play at their computer. It's been not working more than it has been working, but Daddy promised to fix it soon!

 I set up a little art space for the girls in my art room. I never did post photos of the before and after the room organizer came. That shelf with the paper on it? I want to make that a little neater and have that shelf for the girls to grab paper and crayons easily. This was SUCH a great day. Maddie and Izzie sat there coloring and I was across the room sewing. They kept asking me questions about just life in general and I got to squeeze in some good gems for them to think on. I think starting an open dialogue when they are 2 and 3 will hopefully keep up through the preteen and teen years!

 What is about rain and reading? We got a little shower this morning for the first time in FOREVER. We were going to go out and dance in the rain after breakfast but waited too long and it stopped raining. But the gloomy clouds hung around and the house just felt cozy for reading. The girls did this set up all on their own, calling me in to look at them. Of course I had to grab the camera. (Maddie, Izzie)

 We got to our friend Melanie's house a few minutes before she did, so we spent some time in her front yard. The rain had stopped and it was nice and breezy and not humid yet. (The humidity came this afternoon.)

 Maddie running, looking over her shoulder for Izzie.

 Izzie and Maddie. I love that Melanie's street is a cul-de-sac, I felt a lot less anxious about letting them just run, run, run!


I love my scuba (robot mopper) but sometimes you just need to go old fashioned with a cotton head mop to get the corners, stuck on spots and baseboards. Any time I mop, I move the chairs out of the way and the girls love playing different games, usually train. This time they threw some blankets over a few of the chairs and made houses. Izzie's house was the tan one and Maddie's was the green one. Even funnier? They were calling each other on the old phones that Daddy brought home for work. I was a bit puzzled when Izzie kept calling Maddie, Mary. Then Maddie called Izzie, Mema and I realized they were playing roles. Izzie was pretending she was Mema and Maddie was pretending to be Mema's sister Mary. They haven't seen Mary in who knows when, but they have heard Mema talk about her a lot and they know they are sisters, I think Mary must have made an impression on them when they did see her, since they talk about her alot! It was really cute. Oh and my new crunchy way of mopping? Vinegar and water with some essential Lemon oil. Sparkly shiny floors that cleaned up super easy for just pennies!

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