Monday, August 15, 2011

Our City

A few days ago, Izzie was up at naptime before Maddie. She came downstairs and pulled out her blocks and sat down to play quietly all by herself. I went in to go check on her and asked her what she was building. She said she was making a city. I found some match box cars for her to add to the city and she started driving them around to all the buildings. Her city included:

Library: "Where Mrs. Debbie (the librarian) lives, except when she visits Target" (We ran into Mrs. Debbie at Target one day and it threw the girls for a major loop.)
Sprouts: "where we buy vegetables and cheese,"
Nicole's House: "Where we get meat and eggs," (We belong to a meat-buy club and get our meat and eggs from a local rancher and pick up at a friends house.)
Target: "Where we get toys"
The Farm: "Where we get milk"
Our House: "Where our family loves each other."
Grandma's House: "She cooks good food."
Nanna's Pool: "Swimming is fun."

So that sums, up all the important places in her life, I suppose!

 Izzie fell asleep on her shelf and I left her there for a bit. When I came back in to move her to the bed a little while later, she was half in the shelf and half out of the shelf! (It was very dark in the room, the flash really lit it up!)
 Izzie and Maddie playing dress up.


Maddie and Izzie practicing writing.

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