Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Little Logic Lesson

I actually did this when we got home from the library last week, but didn't think to write it down. When the girls asked to read this book again this morning, along with the mini-lesson that went with it, I decided to blog it. We checked out a book called Lizard's Home by George Shannon. It is about a lizard whose house gets taken over by a snake. The snake is a tricky snake and says Lizard can have his home back if he wins a little game.

The game was to put two rocks (one white, one black) in a bag. If Lizard picks a black stone, he gets his home back. All the animals try to tell Lizard to be careful because Snake will put two white stones in the bag. Lizard wasn't worried because Snake boasted that he "never makes mistakes!" As soon as Lizard picked out his stone he threw it in the river before anyone could see it. Snake figure he won the game, but Lizard said, if the second stone is white, then my stone must have been black and I win, but if the second stone is black, then mine was white and you win. Of course, since snake put two white stones in, so the second stone was white and Lizard won his home back.

As I was reading the book and seeing the blank stares on my girls, I quickly grabbed two clear stones and a dark blue one (it's what I had handy.) I grabbed a little bag and I demonstrated the game and the trick. Now, this was still all over their heads, but they did sort of get it, way better with the demo than with just reading it. And they had a LOT of fun pulling the rocks out of the bag to guess the color... over, and over, and over and over.
I think one of the best things about being a parent is getting to read all the kids books at the library without looking like a weirdo. Seriously, I love getting home from the library with their new stack of books almost as much as they do. I love opening the book, looking at the pictures and seeing what story each one contains. That and kids music. I love listening to silly kids music and I'm glad our library has a big selection of CD's to check out. We are always listening to some fun upbeat song!

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Kimmy said...

I happened upon your blog from the Multiples and More blog and I just wanted to say that I love reading about your girls. My girls are almost 17 months old and it is neat to see what I can look forward to one day. I love how you involve educational teaching into everyday activities. I will definitely add your blog as a favorite!